Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Malabrigo

Last week, I went out alone all day. I visited the book store, went to my local yarn shop, and even saw a movie by myself. Every once in a while, striking out on my own is freeing and reminds me what it is like to be independent...but only every once in awhile.

I have been eyeing this wonderful, soft, luscious, shiny yarn for months. It was all balled up, sitting on the shelf, begging me to clutch it between my fingers every time I walked into the store. It was also sitting on that shelf intimidating me. I can't quite explain it, but there is something slightly intimidating about a good quality yarn. Its as if I fear that all the art ended once the yarn was dyed and spun. If it looks so beautiful just sitting on the shelf, what could I possibly make to compliment it?

Well, I will tell you what! I finally bought that beautiful Malabrigo handspun yarn, and it inspired me to write and publish one of my first knitting patterns! There is something oddly magical about buying a quality yarn. It feels like it should really have purpose. If I am going to hawk out a hunk of change on some fiber, it ought to be worth something to me.

This week, I made two pairs of fingerless gloves with my malabrigo.

I learned to use Double Pointed Needles with my malabrigo.

I fell in love with my malabrigo.

I learned to cable knit with my malabrigo...

Ah, yes...my malabrigo and I have become very close. How will it inspire you, today?

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