Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wedding Plans

Many of you may be wondering how the wedding planning is actually coming along. In truth, it is going rather smoothly. There are some things that are being packed in at the last minute due to my avoidance of all things wedding, but for the most part things are running well. As of yesterday, I got the list of songs to play during the wedding and some of the reception done. Every part of the wedding and reception that needed a song paired with it now has one, thanks to the help of a wonderful friend of mine that let me borrow her computer and her musical knowledge for the long night. I got to choose a few Celtic songs as well as a few that took me back to my childhood. I feel like each song we chose will work out well for our personalities.

Last night, I also finalized the details with our cake. We are going to have a four layer square cake, white with copper ribbon around the bottom edges of each layer, and randomly covered with fall leaves and possibly some acorns. We had some difficulty finding a topper that I liked because I have red hair and my fiance has shoulder length blond hair. Neither of us are the stiff type so the traditional cake toppers were doing nothing for me. Also, my fiance is really into Tim Burton's movies as you can tell from reading his blog at Outspoken85 . He's also really into zombies and video games, lots of stuff I'm not into at all. However, this entire wedding was left up to me to plan, so I planned it to my tastes. In order to include him somehow, I decided with his help that I am going to crochet a zombie bride and groom, in a tasteful manner, from my new book Creepy Cute . The bride is all done except for her veil, and I am so happy with her! They really are cute, and will give us something truly unique for our wedding.

My dress has been dropped off to get pressed and cleaned. All three bridesmaids have paid for their dresses, and two of them actually have their dresses already. Two of the three guys that are wearing tuxes have them paid for, which I think are pretty good odds seeing as how we are speaking of men here. All the kids in the wedding have something to wear as well.

My sister's husband is going to take pictures of the wedding party and during the ceremony. Another family friend is going to help during the ceremony and before with pictures and will also be taking a lot of pictures at the reception for us.

A good friend of mine is taking over DJ-ing even though she has never DJ-ed before. She has the personality for it, and her brother may be helping her out. I'm not sure yet, but I know it will be loads of fun.

As of right now, we just need to get bird seed to make our little bird seed bags for people to toss as we are walking out. We also need a get away car of some sort, which may end up being my old school mutli-colored Buick Park Avenue, and we need to get soda and snacks for the reception. If time and money allow, I'd also love to get a new sundress to wear at the reception when I'm ready to get out of the heavy wedding dress.

It has been a load of stress up to this point. It has been dramatic. At times, it has been painful. I think the actual wedding day will be over in such a blur that I won't remember much, but thankfully I have wonderful friends and family that will help me to capture those memories so I can look back on how beautiful the process will be.

So what was your wedding like? How did your plans go? Was there disaster? I'd love to hear your stories to take my mind off of my own for a bit. :)


  1. I think you probably remember our ferocious bout with the flu! That would be before, during and after our wedding, since it involved pretty much every one of us! Disaster? I don't think so, but I did not have much fun either!

  2. Your wedding will be beautiful Kylie, and you mom will be smiling.

  3. Kylie,
    Enjoy the whole process...Remember,your wedding day is only one day, and you will cherish it forever.

  4. I just want to wish you the very best of happiness in your married life and don't stress about your wedding day it will be perfect.....good luck....xo

  5. Found your blog thru Micki's. My daughters wedding rings never arrived..we had to run out to the pawn shop early the morning of the wedding and buy her one..her groom just never got one. She told the jewelers to keep it when it finally arrived and she loves her little, cheap, used pawn shop wedding band. It also rained hard for her outside wedding, the valet car parkers never showed up and the maid of honor's mothers was hospitalized that morning..expect the unexpected, just roll with it and have fun.
    Your mom will be so proud on your wedding day, sending you love and blessings from above.
    Best wishes for a wonderful future.
    Penny (Florida, USA)

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