Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Own... Granny Square Slippers!

I know some of you may think I have gone mad with this idea of Granny Square Slippers, but I think they are absolutely fantastic! Sooo...Here is my second rendition of the Granny Square Slippers, and these babies will be staying on mama's feet! :)

By the way, my inspiration for these colors came from a fellow blogger's color choices a few months ago in this post about a felt cover for her I-Pod. Thanks for the inspiration, Deb!!


  1. I like the colors, but it makes me want to laugh, because of the socks! There is nothing wrong with the socks, but we watched a movie last week where a girl was wearing socks like that with dress shoes....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAgh!

  2. I almost posted something about the goofy socks in there. They look hilarious, but make the slippers even more warm and cozy.

  3. I love the granny square slippers! You chose some beautiful colours too.