Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Day

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember documenting the first snow that stuck to the ground in my journals and diaries. This year is no different, but this year I am going to post here with a few pictures!

There is something so magical about winter. The giving, the cuddling close through the cold, the sparkling white snow, the purity of the cold and unselfish giving, makes it all so beautiful! These are always my first thoughts. I just can't let the cold, or the trouble driving through it bring me down. There is so much more to this season that makes it so wonderful.

This is my neighbor's house across the street. I know it seems a little creepy that I took a picture of a neighbor's house, but it showed the snow the best! Leave me alone.

This is a picture of the drive way leading to my building, and below is a picture of the footsteps on the sidewalk. I wouldn't normally detail such obvious things, but my land lord put in new windows last week. They are so clear that I can take these pictures through the window. Also, my sister handed me down her old camera last week, and it is completely new to me and so much better than my cell phone pictures!

Anyway, I'm off to go do some banking, run some errands, and hang out with my family for the day, as well as crochet my fingers off for what I believe will be my last week of special orders before Christmas! Enjoy your day!


  1. oh dear. snow! Evil in its purest form! (sounds strange to use evil and pure together like that. I want chocolate but I let Tessa eat the rest last night because she did the dishes without anyone asking. Yep. I rewarded her with chocolate. And what that last part has to do with anything, I'll never know. Lucky you! Random Marcia thoughts! I need to go bake cookies now.)

  2. HOW have you not heard of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever?!?! I was raised on that story! It's tradition to read it with my girls every year. I love it.

  3. Hey you! I nominated you for an award on my blog because I like you! I miss you in blogland and online generally too. :)