Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting Personal

Oh it feels like forever since I last sat here at this computer and wrote a blog to my fellow blogging friends...That's right! It has been forever! Let me tell you all what a day in my life is like these days.

I am 21 years old! As of January 14th, I am a legal alcohol consumer in the great US. Its funny because in America, once you turn 21, there is really nothing else exciting until you get married, graduate college, buy your first home, or have babies. Well, I am already married, I dropped out of college (or took a break to say it more lightly), and the other two on the list are pretty far off at this point.

In December 2009, my husband and I decided that it was time to say goodbye to our first "home" as a married couple, suck up our pride, and move in with his parents. That is where we currently reside, upstairs in his parents awesomely old home. There are still skeleton key holes and everything, but don't let that fool you. These winter months can feel quite hellish at times because of how bitter cold it can get upstairs. I literally sleep with an electric blanket every night...I know...Poor me. Look at me complaining while so many others would kill, literally, to have what we have.

Moving on, my husband and I are constantly growing in our relationship. We have been tested so many times in the near 3 years we have been together, and every time so far, we have come out smelling the roses...Well, it hasn't exactly been so ideal every time, but we do still love each other through all the craziness. Being a newlywed is a lot of fun and a lot of stress, but if you are willing to stick it out, accept the others' faults, and accept your own faults even more so, it is possible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am glad I have such a good man to go through it all with. As I type this, he is listening to music and cleaning (yes ladies, I said cleaning!).

My husband has still not been able to land a job. He has found plenty, applied for what feels like hundreds, and taken a handful of interviews. I hate that he is going through this, but he is not alone. That helps some. I was temporarily without a job, but in the past three weeks, I landed a job taking care of a friend's mother. She is 83 years old. She is strong, as independent as health allows, and completely endearing to be with. It has opened my eyes to a whole new career path for myself, and I really love to hear her stories. More about that, later, though.

This my life now. Recently, I told a few friends that I must wake up every day and remind myself that this is in fact my life. I must do this because it all still looks so unfamiliar to me. People I thought would be apart of it no longer are, people I never dreamed would be, have come into it, and circumstances beyond my control continue to teach me to live one day at a time. There will soon be more blogs to come, blogs about my new job, blogs about some of my most recent completed projects, and whatever other trains of thought I can manage to litter throughout. Enjoy!


  1. Nice to see you're back again. It's easy to let blogging happens to me every few weeks!

    Thanks for the update.

    God bless you both!

  2. Good luck with every thing. My daughter is also having a hard time.

  3. Life is what we make of it. You can make this life FABulous, even if you are living it above your inlaws, whom I believe to be pretty great people, by the way!

  4. I'm late replying here but I just read this post and have to say how much I love your writing. You have a natural way of sharing your story with others that is very endearing. I'm wishing you well in life.

  5. Mary Anne, I really appreciate that. Sometimes it just helps me to blog it out. ;o) I really appreciate having some sensitive, respectful followers that continually uplift me.