Monday, November 9, 2009

It seems I have been absent awhile.

Lately, I have been keeping myself insanely busy crocheting, so busy in fact, that I feel I have neglected my own feelings, but that is another post entirely. Christmas is coming. We are broke as always, so I am making hand made items. I don't want it to seem like handmade is second best at all. I just get tired of being broke so often. I do feel very blessed, on the other hand, to have the ability to make gifts for my family. Some of the things I have been working on lately are:

Coffee cup sleeves that are made from 100% cotton. Good for the environment, and convenient for you. I also wrote and published my first crochet pattern ever from this very ribbed coffee cup sleeve.

Baby bibs made from 100% cotton. They have a vintage feel to them because I decided to go with a tie neck instead of a snap or Velcro neck. They are so far from vintage, though, because they are in bright fun colors!

As far as gift giving goes, though, I have been working on a few other things.

My niece's birthday was this past week. She turned 10. She is so full of attitude, but she also has an "old soul." She reminds me so much of myself, it is scary. She and I have a special bond, and as rotten as she can be, I absolutely love her to pieces. I absolutely love the hat and fingerless glove set I made for her, and I was so tempted to keep it for myself...I'm a bad aunt!

I'm still working on my nephew's gift. His birthday was the same day, and he turned 7! I just can't believe how the years have flown by. I am making him a hooded sweatshirt. It will be the first piece of clothing I have ever crocheted, and so far, it is going very well. I just have the hood to finish and then the sewing to do. I can't wait to finish it and see it on him. :)

I am also working on Christmas gifts. I have made a list of all my family members and what I am making for them. So far, I have one thing done for one person out of something like 15 immediate family members. HA! It is my favorite thing, though, and again, I so want one for myself!

I absolutely love this cowl! I am making a hat to match it.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing a peek into my workshop!


  1. She looks like she is trying to be a monster there! Too funny!

  2. I know! She had her hands up, palms out, and it was going to be a great pic. At the last minute, she dropped her hands in this weirdo pose. lol

  3. Good on you! doesn't it feel good to be creative! Love the cowl

  4. Hey great stuff! You've been busy, indeed. Crazy Christmas crafting madness has struck, huh? It's happening here too.