Friday, December 5, 2008

Grown Up

I have been thinking about this idea of being "grown up" for quite some time, now. I have complained that I was thrown into the adult world and forced to be a "grown up." Yet, I don't feel so "grown up." I had been searching subconsciously for a meaning, for something that would make me feel "grown up." However, I think I have had an epiphany, thanks to the blogger "The Preppy Yogini." (If you ever have time, her blog is a wonderful place to find insight.) There is no true realm of "Grown Up" in relation to our spirits. A part of us will always have that child-like faith when we really need something to be fixed or when we really want to believe in someone. Another part of us will always experience the utter joy of running through the leaves on a fall day and throwing them above our heads without a care in the world. We may also always feel the thrill in conquering a large hill covered with snow armed only with our sleds and multiple layers of clothing. When someone gives us a gift, we feel the surprise and warmth of knowing someone was thinking of us, also the excitement and wonder at what it could be. All of the emotions we learn and experience as children follow us into adulthood. However, in the hustle and bustle of paying the bills, cleaning the house, taking care of the family, and the endless list of responsibilities we keep for ourselves, we sometimes mask those feelings, never fully expressing the fear, the joy, the sadness, the thrill and excitement or the carelessness that many of life's opportunities give to us. Somehow, in our minds, we stop ourselves from reacting in a child-like manner for fear of what others will think or for fear that we will seem immature. "Adults should be mature, curt, respectful, quiet, etc., etc.," we tell ourselves or think subconsciously. While all of these attributes are fine, there is a time and place for them just as there is a time and place for the innocent child-like excitement over the simple things in life.

No one truly enjoys being an adult all of the time. Many times there is not much fun to be experienced when being an adult, but don't you suppose that maybe God gives us those simple moments in order to revive our child-like faith and joy? Don't you suppose He loves us enough to give us the gentle escapes from adulthood? So if you can believe that, it should not be any harder to let your hair down and laugh from deep in your belly or jump for joy the next time something makes you truly happy.

Have a wonderful day, all! :)

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