Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I forgot?! No way!

So who believes I could have forgotten to mention something? I moved!! We now live in a two bedroom appartment with a big living room and a bathtub! I am super excited about the bathtub because I love to take long, relaxing, hot baths. Big T is using the extra bedroom as his "man room." Haha! I call it that because it is for he and his buddies to hang out in, for him to decorate or not decorate however he wants, and for all of his game stuff. Our bedroom is awesome too! I have a walk in closet with three sides to hang stuff on. It is so exciting because I can put my hamper in there and not take up floor space with it. I just can't get over being able to walk in my closet! I have always dreamed of the day when I could do that. ;) haha! Also, our living room has lots of floor space. None of our furniture is even touching each other. ;) It is all just so nice and roomy, yet cozy. I wish I could explain it to the full extent, but maybe some time I can post some pictures (AFTER we get unpacked. haha!)

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