Monday, December 15, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Tonight, I am leaving for St. Louis, and I am leaving with mixed emotions. Right now, I am sad and so surprised that the days just slipped away from me. It was about a month ago that one of my best friends told me she was having her second open heart surgery on December 16th. Now, all of a sudden, it is December 15th, and I'm off to St. Louis by myself. I am scared for what is to come but happy I can be there at the same time. I am also scared of making the "long" trip by myself. It's about 3.5 to 4 hours for me to drive there. I will be driving at night, which I hate, and St. Louis just had an ice storm yesterday. Please keep both me and my friend in your thoughts for the next few days.

I am taking my laptop with me to St. Louis, also. I will be keeping everyone that reads this blog posted on how I got there and how the surgery goes. I appologize for such a short posting, but work has been a mess today. I'm still there, too! Thank you for your thoughts! :)


  1. I hope it goes well for your friend and I wish you safe travels. I don't care for night driving either.

  2. I still can not believe you are going by yourself! I think it is a NOT GOOD IDEA! I really think the weather should be you reason for not going. She would understand that your safety is important too.

  3. Hey let me know how your friend is doing and that you made back home..Thinking of you both love ya Beth