Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Nancy Goode!

Recently I joined a group called Collaborators in Cahoots, and it is full of wonderful people. This week I am pairing up with Nancy to promote her shop GoodeGear on Etsy.

I would like to share with you all, the welcome message in Nancy's store. Her writing in so wonderful, you can practically hear the bath water running already...or maybe that's just my husband taking a shower. ;o)

My passion is to create unique recipes that will benefit your mind, body and soul. Natural soap handmade with organic products. We also make natural skin care products, lotion, body wash, massage oil with the best essential and carrier oils, butters and herbs. These natural products can help with a variety of ailments.
We make many different kinds of soap and can customize any order for you. These homemade soaps are perfect as gifts, for use in the guest bedroom, or as a personal luxury. Contact us if you don’t see the exact soap you’re looking for, we can help get the right soap for your needs!
I create these recipes to help you enjoy your bathing experience and promote health and vitality. When it is time to remove yourself from your everyday life, when you just want to be left alone, start running the bath water, turn down the lights and enjoy the scents that will immerse your soul from my bath and body products. My products help with the aches and pains you experience in everyday life.

Just in time for Halloween!

And doesn't this look delicious?

So don't forget to go check out Nancy's store GoodeGear and treat yourself to something wonderful!


  1. Great write up on a wonderful shop! I could just eat them up!!! But I won't-lol


  2. Great job, Kylie. Nancy's descriptions are certainly enticing.


  3. That is wonderful this must be my week! Thank you

  4. The soaps look good enough to eat! I loved the post!

  5. Great write up!

    If you add a 'tweet this' button to your blog, it makes promoting so much easier :)