Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My little brother needs girl advice!

Hey there everyone. Today, my little brother is turning 17! It seems so crazy. I remember the days where he and I used to fight all the time about absolutely nothing, the time we tried to build a fort in our back yard, the time he fell on a rusty nail from the boards we were using to build a fort in our back yard without our mom knowing, and so many other memories.

Our lives are so different now, and generally he is a good kid. Sometimes, he is just lost, though, and for good reason. About two years ago, we lost our mom to cancer. Now, for the past year of his life, he has been living as if he were an adult. He lived with a friend, paid rent, cleaned house, got a job, bought groceries, and pays bills. He is still in high school, but life without Mom has been possibly hardest for him. The rest of my mom's children, including me, were already living on their own. We range in age from 33 to 17.

Our mom died just two weeks before his birthday. He was 14 when she died, and he was the one home with her in her last days. Sometimes he makes me absolutely crazy. I know he is smart, but he is bored. School is an issue and always has been for this reason. The thing is, though, he used to confide in our mom, things I would never have dreamed of telling her. My brothers were always very close to our mom in that way. I tended to follow her example, and sort of fend for myself. She was a single mom.

Now, however, the boys don't have her around anymore. The rock in their life that they used to go to with their problems is gone, and I need your help. My little brother has been "dating" a girl his age on and off for a few years now. She's a great girl, and they both have a lot of growing and changing left to do. He wants her in his life, though, and I'm not about to tell him he shouldn't when I know exactly how that was at his age. Anyway, it would be really great if you guys would go over to his blog, and not only tell him Happy 17th Birthday, but also read his blog post "Just wanting to chat..." and give him some advice. My sister and I have already been there, but some unbiased advice would be nice. Ladies and gentleman, pull out your "Mom and Dad" cards. It is time to put them to use. ;o)

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  1. He came to talk to me today. I am not saying he was looking for advice, but he will tell ya that he got some anyway! You can't fault me for it! I got it from her!