Friday, May 29, 2009

I am in love!

I am in love with this hat and flip-flops set! My sister and I are at it again with our charity work. Have you heard of the Relay for Life? It is full of people that have much more tenacity and discipline than I, but nonetheless, it is still something I am passionate about. These people set up "camp" all night from around 6 at night until 6 am. They are supposed to walk in shifts for the entire 12 hours, and they raise money along the way for the American Cancer Society. I was actually on a team last year, but I am a weanie. I wimped out at about 4 am and went home. I know! I know! It is a fundraising event. How could I have left early? Well, I did.

However, I chose not to be on a team this year. I chose instead to make things with my skills and put them in a sand pail along with other things my sister made with her skills and donate them to the Relay for Life Basket Auction. They bring in so much money with this auction, and it seems people really like hand made items. I love the way my sister termed our contribution. She said we are donating a little bit that will bring in much more than we could have given ourselves. That made me feel so wonderful because in all honesty, the basket and it's contents probably didn't cost more than $20 to make, but hopefully it will bring in much more than $20.

I am also in love with my fiance. I am sure you are all thinking, "Well, I would surely hope so!"

I don't know what is different, but I just feel different about him each day. I feel as though I learn more about his personality each day. I learn how to better compliment his personality. I learn that when he is truly happy, he gives me lots of kisses I don't even have to ask for. I learn that he must really be unhappy with his job, even though he never complains about it. This entire week he has been off work, he has been so happy and helpful. I even did the dishes for him the other day while he helped sort laundry and clean the house before our friends came over. In our house, me doing the dishes is completely unheard of, so it was a nice gift! ;)

I keep finding myself staring at him when he's doing things, watching tv, playing video games, being mean playing with the cat. He talks to our cat as if she is his own baby girl. It's really adorable to see a 6' tall man, weighing in at 350lbs sweet talking your cat. It melts your heart. I've been watching him while he sleeps, too. He is so peaceful when he sleeps. It's in those moments that I see why all the little ones pile on him. He is cozy. He radiates peace and warmth. He will forever have a child-like glint in his eye and his little grin.

He is going to be a wonderful husband and a wonderful father. He will be so strong for us yet so playful and creative. He will be so supportive for the family we will have some day and yet, he will be so tender and loving. I still look up at the sky sometimes and wonder how in the world I met in the world I could deserve him. I know for a fact I have not done enough good works to deserve someone as docile, sweet, and fun as him.

I am also in love with my new "Stellan" bracelet. To read Stellan's story, please check out his mommy's blog at . Oh man! Look at those freckles! My arm looks very strange from this point of view. ;) I don't often see it like this, so up close and personal. The bottom part is my wrist going into my hand. I don't have any weird disease making my arm huge at one part. I wish I had gotten my fingers in there so it didn't look so strange. Whatever! Can't win em' all. While you're reading Stellan's story, you can even buy your own bracelet. Enjoy!

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  1. Kari is making a beach themed blanket to go with this stuff we made. Mine is finished now. I am working on the next charity project as we speak!