Monday, May 11, 2009

I've been thinking...

Honestly, I would love to have a big reception with the dancing and the toasts, but I don't think we can afford it. The wedding itself is the cheap part. I already have been blessed to have someone make my cake for me as my gift. My dress is already paid for as well as the rings and some decorations and invites. There is too much that is already paid for to decide we can't do a wedding.

However, almost nothing is set or paid for on the reception front. At this point, I really am starting to feel like the smaller this shindig is, the better it will be for everyone, but mostly, the better it will be for my fiance and I. Neither one of us likes being the center of attention, him worse than me. We are already broke, anyway.

So far we have been so blessed to know so many people who can help along the way. My sister's husband can take beautiful photos, and my sister could even edit them if I asked nicely. She has a whole brood of children to participate in the wedding ceremony. (I bet she never realized that having so many children would bless someone. ;o) ) My brother's girlfriend offered to do my hair for the big day, and she does hair for a living. Friends of mine that have known me since I was born have offered to make my cake, professionally even, for my gift. I am going through Confirmation at my church which makes it free to use the building, once I am a member. The pastor has already agreed to do the ceremony.

We have almost everything we need for the actual wedding ceremony done. I still need flowers and someone to make pew bows for us, but other than that, we could pull of this wedding in a couple weeks if we needed to.

Like my sister suggested, we are not obligated to have a reception and feed people. If we are feeling up to it, we can go out with a group of our friends to celebrate, but we just can't do anything big right now. Marrying such a supportive, funny, easy going, loving, warm and helpful man is really all I care about. Also, like she suggested, having a big party with all our friends for our anniversary might me nice as well. In a society filled with divorce and failed relationships, a strong, lasting relationships is certainly something to celebrate.

I do appreciate the advice. I do feel more at ease about the situation we are about to enter into. I think I will make an official decision tonight after talking to my fiance, but I am sure he will agree this is the best route to take.

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  1. I am glad you had time to talk about this and are feeling a little better about the situation! Plus, whew, it gets me out of a big goofy toast! Just kidding! I am not good at it, but I will do it, if I HAVE TO! You need to talk to the pastor soon, so she knows you want to know about using the church for the small cake reception. I would imagine it will be no trouble if we clean it up after we are done!