Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I just got an amazing deal on a huge lot of knitting supplies. I was reading in my Stitch N' Bitch Knitter's Handbook that I should try to find garage sales selling knitting supplies because people practically give them away. It's not quite garage sale season, though, so I checked my local thrift store. I didn't find anything, but they assured me that they do get stuff in, so I should keep checking back.

Well, today, a very wonderful friend of mine sent me an ad that someone had posted on their job's classifieds page. Here is what it read:

"Do you knit or know someone who does? My father-in-law brought all of my mother-in-law's knitting supplies to my house after she died in case I wanted to learn to knit. I don't. So, in my basement currently are many, many knitting needles of all sizes, tons of patterns and books, a knitting machine mounted to a metal desk, and well over 100 rolls of yarn, most brand new in all different colors and textures. Evidently when Kmart went out of business she bought out the yarn department. So, please take this stuff off of my hands! Any offers for these things will be accepted."

How fantastic is that? I sent the lady a text message, and someone had already made claim to the yarn. That was quite alright because my stash is overwhelming already. But she had 14 knitting magazines, a stack of patterns, 30 sets of mostly aluminum straight knitting needles in varying sizes, and a good amount of varied size circular knitting needles. The best part of all is the price.

I am only paying $30 for all of it!! How amazing is this? It is a huge blessing, and I hope that in my learning process, I can use this huge blessing to bless others with gifts I will be able to make from my new supply. I am absolutely thrilled! There will be pictures to come. :)


  1. Good for you!

    still no desire to knit!

    not even a little bit!

    thank God!

    my brain can not handle any more!