Wednesday, May 13, 2009

100 Posts and a Near Death Experience to Boot...Puh-Lease! That's only a little dramatic.

How exciting is it that I have stuck around long enough to post 100 blog postings? By now, if you are a regular follower of my blog, I am sure you realize I am a crazy, emotional, young, fun-loving, eager to learn, and ultimately loving woman. At least I hope those are adjectives you might think of when you think of me. You may also think, goof-ball, little sister, nut bag, naive, how-in-the-world-has-that-girl-not-driven-away-her-wonderful-quiet-handsome-fiance, and a few other choice adjectives. Honestly, it is all OK with me. I am glad you are at least thinking something.

These pictures are of my knew vast set of knitting needles, as well as an added bonus of about a handful of crochet afghan hooks. In the end, I decided to give $50 for all the knitting needles, and looking upon my collection, I believe this was rightly so. I have multiple straight and circular needles in every size from 0 to 15. I went from having one pair of knitting needles to having at least one pair of every size of knitting needles. I only have a few straight needles, but I have an abundance of circular needles as well as a handful of extra cables to interchange knitting needles on. As you can tell, there is a bag these items are neatly organized into, and I received this bag as part of my purchase. It has tons of pouches, so I went through the mess of needles I had and organized them from smallest to biggest. I can't wait to get more experienced and really get a chance to use these needles. The vast majority of the circular needles were not even taken out of their packages yet, though they smell overwhelmingly musty. It is obvious they are not "brand new," but they are at least from within the past 10 or so years.
I spent the day with my friend today for her birthday. We talked for hours, like we always do, about a thousand different things, like we always do. She is the one friend my age that I can cover so many antipodal subjects with. I really do enjoy her company.
We went to the guitar shop as well. We pretended for about half an hour that we could afford to throw down a few hundred dollars on a brand new beautiful guitar. We tested a few and harmonized together. We played around, and got to bask in the glory of our dream world.
The city was ridiculously flooded today. I also nearly recked our stupid truck. I thought that truck and I were finally done being at odds with each other. I thought we had bonded, and it was done hating me....I was wrong. I was driving along, leaving the community college after selling back my nearly unused books from the last semester. I am driving along and I spot an upcoming stop sign. I go to press the break, and because of all the water covering the roads, I started to fishtail. As the car is starting to turn out of control, I see a glimpse of a sign. The sign said, "Turning Traffic Does Not Stop."

Have you ever experienced your life flashing before your eyes? That is sort of what I felt. Knowing what little I know about losing control of a vehicle, I took my foot off the brake and took control of the wheel. I was completely panicked. I could only envision a turning car coming at me head on, not realizing I could not control the metal death trap I was currently sitting in.
So, of course, being myself, I proceed to wave my arm like a mad woman, hoping that the car that is coming toward me will realize they need to stop before hitting me, only to realize, the windshield wipers are crap. They have been crap for quite some time, and before it became "our" vehicle, I complained about them, only to be chided. The man coming toward me could not even pretend to see me waving my arm, but by some act of God Himself, the car just stopped. I only ended up a few feet from the stop sign, and when the windshield wipers finally cleared the windshield, I could see the a stop sign...staring at me with a bewildered look. It was then that I realized the "turning traffic" was turning away from me, not toward me.

So dumb.


  1. I have read far enough to know that I made it in! Nutbag is my word and I made it into the possibly, maybe, sometimes used descriptions of you! Woot Woot! WOOT WOOT!

    Sorry, no more outbursts, I think? Read on!

  2. Take it easy! It sounds like you need new tires too. Be careful, for God's sake!!! Funny, after I got off the phone with you, I thought I should have told you to be careful! No more NDE, ok?