Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This morning I had an interview in a new Chiropractic office in my town. It is opening on Monday, and they need receptionists/assistants, so I applied. It is time for change in my life, and banking was never the industry for me. It's just too corporate.

I am very intrigued by chiropractics. I know it is still new and somewhat controversial, but the stories are interesting. It would keep me around people and in the community, and it would also showcase my organizational capabilities. The space wouldn't be completely my own, but I would get to use it, the receptionist area during my shift. I really do think it is something that I could enjoy. Plus, it is a challenge because there is so much to learn. I know very little about chiropractics, and it gives me so much opportunity to learn.

The interview went so well. It was very comfortable, and I was just myself. I am really tired of being something other than who I am, and I think it is time to be honest with myself and those who love me. I like to help. I like to keep things clean and organized. I like to be busy, and I love to learn. I like to feel purpose, and I like to be challenged to meet deadlines. I also love to teach, and with this job, I would be given that opportunity as well.

Possibly the best part is that I would still get to work part time and even get paid a little more than what I make now. They believe in a holistic approach, and that is exciting to me. The wife is an occupational therapist with what seems to be a very bright and loving personality. The husband is the actual chiropractor, as well as athletic trainer and nutritionist. I feel like this combines so much of what people need. People need someone to listen. They need someone to care about them, and I feel like this business, these people, are going to do just that.

Wish me luck! I go back for a second interview on Friday this week, and hopefully I will get a job that I could love for a long time.


  1. I wish you ALL THE LUCK!! it sounds like it would be an awesome job.

  2. I hope you get it, if it is what you want!