Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Its been so long...

What an interesting week it has been so far! I am so not happy and not adjusting well to not having the Internet. I think for next month and the months after that, though, we will be able to afford it again. So...That means...Internet again!!! And blogging again!!!

Anyway, I wish I had pictures or something fun to put on here, but I don't right now. I had taken pictures in the last few weeks planning on posting blogs about them, but I am at work right now, counting down to the last day of this job as I have already started the new job.

Anyway, again...this week has been interesting. I have laughed. I have cried. I have been utterly bored. I have been suffocated by the heat. I have been in my brain a lot. I have been missing my sister. (This work transitioning hasn't left me much time for hanging out during the day at her house.) I have been learning loads.

On Monday, we had our first "Team Meeting" where we met each other, my other co-workers, and talked about rules and what would be expected of us more in depth. I am going to be a Chiropractic Receptionist/Assistant. Part of my job will include medical billing. Another part will be cleaning. Yet another part will be taking blood pressure and pulse, weighing and measuring peoples' heights and charting those things. I will be expected to answer phones, make appointments, greet people, as well as assisting people with electrotherapy. There is just a list of things I will do, and I am so excited about all of it.

I love the way the office smells, faintly of lemon soap. It doesn't smell like a hospital or even a clinic. It is so warm and cozy. The colors are all so cheery, tangerine, spring green, purple, mauve, dark stained crown molding and tan walls. The offices are all easily accessible, and the office just exudes welcoming and comfort.

Yesterday was my first real day of working at the office, and I basically just cleaned all the chiropractic tables and anything leather and made lots of copies. I made a lot of new patient packets. I also learned a lot. I asked about cracking my neck because I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. He explained to me that he doesn't recommend it because it is only further allowing a problem to exist. Basically your spine looks like this.

When you crack your neck, you are moving vertebra that are most likely already too loose. They are too loose because the vertebra above them or below them have "locked up." Because the movement in the upper vertebra or lower vertebra surrounding the loose area is so limited, the body tries to naturally compensate for it, making the middle area move too readily.

**I am not a chiropractor. I have no chiropractic training. I am just reciting in very, very layman's terms what I was taught yesterday.**

Today, I am at the bank until 2 and then to the chiropractors until 6pm. I am doing that tomorrow as well, and on Friday, the bank is giving me a food day as a going away party. They are making barbecue, taco dip (per my request) and some sort of dessert. It should be wonderful and bittersweet. I have made friends here. I have shared a lot of my soul here, but it is time for change.

I think as I learn new things I will be posting about them. I knew nothing about chiropractic before two weeks ago, and I still know so little. Yesterday, though, I adjusted my boss's back! He walked me through the steps of how to do it, and I did it! It was so strange and slightly awkward. When have you ever gone in for your first day of work and ended up having your boss lay down on his stomach and instruct you on how to adjust his back? It was very interesting, though. He laid on a table that has two movable pieces where your stomach goes. He lifted those pieces up, and I pressed on the thoracic area of his back so that it seemed as though the table collapsed under him, though it was only the two movable parts. Then he readjusted the table and we did that five times. Then, he instructed me to check his feet and eye ball them to see if one leg looked longer than the other. Indeed, one leg did look longer! So, we went through the motions two more times until his legs were even. How strange is that?!

When I asked him how his feet came into play there, he said his pelvis is tilted and it makes it appear that one leg is longer than the other when in all actuality, it is just his pelvis tilted in the wrong direction. Strange! I had a great sense of accomplishment, though. It was a lot of fun if nothing else.

To me, this blog seems boring. It seems to be lacking flair. I mean, how interesting can it be to sit and read about what my day is like. For some reason, though, I have just been so cloudy in my brain this week. I haven't been able to write well at all. I've been getting bored with my knitting. I've run out of real projects to do, and I'm beginning to realize how much I depended on my Internet. It kept me in touch with the world. I could find patterns at the drop of a hat. I could listen to music if I was bored or just needed to think. I feel as though my lack of Internet has just spliced my creativity. Whenever I was curious about something or needed some food for thought, I could just Google something. My questions could always easily be answered. I'm just getting bored without it. I'm getting bored and my brain is not being stimulated.

I hope to have the Internet back soon. I hope to be able to talk with you all again, soon. I hope to have my "normal" life back soon. I hope to get my routine back. I think all this change and adjustment is happening rather quickly between getting to know my father, re-building my relationship with my Heavenly Father, changing jobs and following His path and His will, getting married, becoming more faithful to the friends I've got and not having much creative outlet, I am feeling stifled and overwhelmed at the same time. Wish me luck on my new endeavors...well not so much luck as blessing! I'm sure I will get around to reading the comments eventually. haha

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  1. I would DIE!!!! Just die without the net!! no way in my life will i ever be without it again. i feel the same way...everything is at your fingertips, any ?, any song, any anything!! you are brave and will be just fine in all of your new tasks. i am proud of you for going after ehat you want...must be so liberating!!! k, ttyl...