Thursday, June 4, 2009

Passersby and a Twinkle in my Eye

Today, on my lunch break, I had envisioned myself having a nice relaxed lunch with some toast (that I was craving) and my "Starbucks" book, as I have now coined it. I am absolutely addicted to that book right now. I hate to put it down. His words capture me, and I am very happy that this man learned that a simple life is a much more rewarding life and that he is out to teach others the same thing. It's endearing.

Anyway, that is not what happened. I left work, went home, got a few of my NEW business cards that a very kind friend printed up for me last night. I then went to our local library to type up an explanation card, detailing what was going in our basket for the Relay for Life Basket Auction along with the estimated value of the basket. Then, I ran to Ace Hardware because they have a gift wrapping department, and they wrapped our basket in cellophane. While waiting for that to get done, I realized I had 20 minutes for lunch left, so I ran to Subway. And this story comes to an abrupt halt here.

While in Subway, I am waiting in line,watching the people around me. There was a mother and son in front of me and a father and son in front of them, and I was noting differences in the sons. One was a scrawny boy, clearly athletic, braces, adorable face while the other was portlier, still having his baby face, and clearly not as athletic. None of this really matters, but it is just funny the things I notice about people and how it turns into a story inside my head. Anyway, I decide I want to try the newly advertised Tuscan Melt sandwich.

Try it! It was wonderful. I am a huge fan of Italian food, and this sandwich had a wonderful bounty of flavors.

After I had been waiting a few minutes, a group of about three people came up behind me to wait in line. Of course, being me, I decided to turn around and look at them, and I was surprised to see a woman, probably in her seventies that struck my eye. She was wearing a lavender sweat suit with a sage green knitted zip-up sweater on. Her hair was long, and salt and pepper colored, pulled back in a loose clip. Her skin was a natural tan tone, and she had a Greek nose. Her eyes were softened with age, and they were brown, such a soft beautiful brown. As if she even needed the enhancement, she was wearing just enough mascara. She was slightly hunched over, and the lines in her face showed her age. When I say beautiful, I am not saying she had no wrinkles and didn't look her age. She really did look like she was in her seventies, but she had a beautiful aura. I stared at her, unbeknownst to her, until her husband caught me. Then I turned around, embarrassed.

I went ahead through the line, ordering my food, and making small talk with the girl making my sandwich. I paid for my meal and headed to get my drink. As I was walking back toward the door after filling my cup, the elderly woman was standing, choosing her chips. I started to walk past her, thinking I really didn't want to creep her out by telling her she was beautiful, but I just couldn't handle it. She needed to know.

So, I backed up, stood next to her, and said, "I really don't mean to sound weird, but I can't help but stare at you because you are so pretty."

She looked up, as if knowing I couldn't be talking to her, and when she realized there was no one else around, she simply said, "Me?"

I chuckled a little, truly surprised that she was not aware, of course I was talking about her. I replied, "Yes, you. You look so good in purple, and your eyes look beautiful. You are so pretty."

Then, sweetly, and still somewhat dumbfounded, she said, "Thank you. You just made my day."

In reality, I think I was really trying to make her day. I think I knew somehow that someone needed to tell her she was beautiful. I didn't have the money for Subway, but I was craving bread something awful. I just couldn't not go, and now I am thinking my craving was much more than that.

From there, I went back to Ace to pick up our newly wrapped basket. I am so happy with the result, and I am so happy to have been able to contribute in more than one way today. Check out how great our basket looked!

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