Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do You Know Coffee?

Well, I would love to claim to be this wonderful coffee connoisseur, but I am not. This Coffee Lingo Quiz proved me wrong. I had no idea what they were talking about. I only got 3-4 questions correct, and they told me I was a "Coffee No Go" who likes my coffee "plain" and doesn't need fancy foams....Sad....I like fancy foams....I just know nothing about them.

Do you love coffee? Maybe you love to read about coffee? Maybe I'm just desperately hoping I'm not alone out there, but you should all check out my blog friend Cosmo. He has undertaken the task of writing a coffee related post every day for the month of September. Go easy on him. Its a hard task to do, and he has done wonderfully! He may feel like just a regular guy, but his blogs bring a little bit of excitement to me. I would love to have the latte knowledge and experience he does. :)

Enjoy. I think I'm off to make a nice brew for myself.


  1. I became a coffee snob after visiting Costa Rica. I bought a French Press and only buy certain types of beans now, and grin them myself. heh. I got 6 right on the quiz. I don't do fancy drinks often, and I really wish I had an espresso machine!

  2. Thanks for the mention!

    Nice quiz. I got 9/10. My excuse for not getting a perfect score is that we don't have half-and-half here (though I do occasionaly make up my own milk/cream concoction - mmmm, creamy latte). I might just put this quiz on my blog - another daily post sorted!

    Ash, go ahead and save up for a decent espresso machine - they're so much fun!!!