Thursday, September 17, 2009

I feel like I have been through the ringer.

I don't know why, but I feel totally and completely exhausted today. From the time I woke out my coma like state this morning, I have felt hazy and like my limbs way 1000lbs each. Crazy!

But today has been a wonderful day. I met a wonderful woman named Sandy through my sister. She writes awesome patterns and sells them on her Etsy, and I have been given the chance to do a little work with her patterns. I am so excited to get started. If my work is accepted, it could end up in India! This will be the furthest any one of my items has ever gone. Ireland comes in second. ;o)

Also, upon checking my e-mail this morning to find out about this opportunity to work with her patterns, I found that five of my eco-friendly cotton coffee sleeves had been sold! I listed them only two days ago, and a woman in Maryland snatched them up. I am just so happy to be selling things I made with the skills God gave me to people so far away from me, people I have never even met before. It is a wonderful feeling, a sense of accomplishment.

I feel like standing on the rooftops and shouting to the world what a wonderful God my God is. I am being provided for. I am being looked after. God gave me this skill, and I am being able to use it in ways that make other people happy. I never imagined that at 20 years old, I would be married and own my own online store, but God has made it all possible. Praise Him for His everlasting love!

Also, if you get a chance, go check out the adorable patterns my new friend Sandy has created. You will want to learn to crochet just to be able to make them. They are fantastic! Her store is called Sandy's Cape Cod Originals and her other shop is called Sandy's Cape Cod Consignments. She was even featured in the most recent catalog of Annie's Attic patterns.

She was kind enough today to add one of my very own necklaces to her treasury. There are some other great fall hand crafted items in there as well. Take a minute to pop in and check out everyone else's handy work. My sister from My Crazy Kids was even featured in there for one of her adorable bucket hats! She has been working hard at her own shop Momma B's Hat House and More making some really fun hats and her newest items for Halloween.

Have fun, and don't break the bank. ;o)


  1. Um, Scott ate your candy bar! Sorry? Maybe not! I was hungry and he was THRILLED! ha!

  2. Congrats to you! It all sounds wonderful, and good luck with the project!