Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Wedding Story

On Wedding Day, I felt calm. I had spent the night at home with a childhood friend of mine who also happened to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. My husband spent the night with two of his friends, one of which was his best man. We went bowling after the wedding rehearsal, and we had a generally good time. We certainly made lots of memories and laughed a lot. We all needed it, just to let our hair down.

On Wedding Day, I felt eager. I arrived at the church by 10am. We waited around for awhile after that without having anything to do. It was nice just to be at the church, just a few people that were involved in the wedding. I got to have plenty of time to breath and be pampered before the wedding.

On Wedding Day, I felt beautiful. For the first time in my life, people walked up to me and told me I was gorgeous. The twinkle in their eyes as they saw me for the first time in my full wedding garb was so rewarding. A woman should always be made to feel beautiful on her wedding day. I know for me, it definitely helped keep the nerves down.

On Wedding Day, I had fun sneaking around so my then fiance wouldn't see me before the wedding. I had fun wondering what he was doing, what he was thinking, how he looked all done up. I had fun in the suspense.

On Wedding Day, I marched up the aisle to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and felt as though I were running to be in my husbands arms. The ceremony didn't seem like it could go fast enough. I beamed through most of it, muttering jokes to my now husband. I cried as he held and caressed my hands. I cried as he spoke his vows sweetly to me, and I laughed as he looked at the pastor shocked when she said "Til Death Do You Part." Everyone laughed as his eyes bugged out of his head. It was the perfect comic relief. He says he thought she said something else. Either way, it was funny.

On Wedding Day, I had bird seed in places I never believed possible. We drove away in our old beat up Ford truck. It was fitting. We are simple people.

Our Wedding Day was beautiful. It was quick. It was small. It was all about us. I cannot express the amount of gratitude for the wonderful friends and family we had along the way. My sister agreed to put her entire family into the wedding. She did the big sisterly thing and put lots of hours into my day. Our friends pitched in with snacks and time. One friend even DJ-ed our reception with no prior DJ experience! It was very impressive.

Our life together will be interesting for sure. I am coffee and he is soda. I am romantic comedy and he is slasher. I am stress and he is free spirit. I am crochet and he is video games. I am personable and he is anti social. We are so, so opposite, and I am so, so lucky to have him. Last night, I fell asleep in his arms after a long cry. The honeymoon was over, it was back to work this morning. Our life is going back to "normal," and I had finally wound down enough for my emotions to hit me. It was a wonderful feeling to be able to calm down in his grasp. No one can make me as calm as he can. No one can make me as warm as he does. No one can be so sweet and gentle with me as he is.

I am happy. We are happy. This is our story, and it is all just beginning.


  1. It sounds like it was a perfect wedding day and I wish you and your husband all the happiness in the world,good luck in your new adventure as a married couple.

  2. I'm sure you'll be very happy. My husband and I are, like you, complete opposites and in my opninion, that was our recipe for a wonderful life together, Kath x

  3. I am wiping the tears beautiful...yes u are everyday, but weddings just do something to a you so much! Glad I was there to share in your wonderful day...and we are always ere is u need us!

  4. whew! Somehow, I missed this post, but a day or two after you wrote it, reading it still makes me cry! I hope you always look back on this day and remember how happy you were, even on days when you would rather not be happy!

    I love you, SnotFace!

  5. now if i could learn to type that would be

  6. I am very late with my comments but I wanted to say congratulations again and I'm so happy to hear your wedding day was wonderful in every way.