Sunday, November 2, 2008

Poke, Twist, Pull ;)

Ohhhh, I just love titles! Yesterday, after I so dreadfully went to work, I came home. That seems reasonable, right. :) Anyway, on my way home, I called my boyfriend, Big T, even though it only takes me about 3 minutes to get home from work. It's an impulse thing. I have to do things as I think of them, otherwise, certain doom will overtake the earth and kill us all, all except me because I must be left to live with the guilt of what I have brought to the people of earth by not making that phone call RIGHT NOW!

Anyway, so in my phone call with Big T, I am telling him that I want to go see a movie. I am just in the mood to go to Winetown..(haha, that's kind of nerdy, but it's kind of a funny play on words if you have any clue what city I was really going to. dumb. haha) About ten minutes after I get home, and we blankly stare at each other ( I was getting the, I don't want to go with you vibe), my biggest big sister (haha, making fun of you! and you can't poke my eyes out) in the world texts me to see if I want to go to Winetown with her. "Fantastic!!" I think. We've got to be on some alternate wavelength together and completely alone. haha That or it was shear coincidence. Who believes in coincidence, though? Please...

So, she comes to pick me up in the "bus" that transports her 1000 kids, no joke, and the three of us, my big sister and I, and the Meeeeeeeeema you all know and love, all go to Winetown to buy things we can't afford. ;)

While that was certainly worthwhile, and for whatever crazy lunatic reason, I really do enjoy the seldom quiet times with my biggest big sister in the world, it was not the best part. That came after we got back to her house. Here comes the punch line: I was re-teaching her to crochet. HA! From here on out, I will describe in steps how this was just pre-destined to not work:

1. My biggest big sister is left handed...Every book in the world, every tool in the world, every thought in the world is made for us NORMAL right handers. She looked at the book with a look of utter disgust as she tried to reverse all of the information to make it legible. Then, I, being the littlest little sister I am, tried to help. That resulted in knot one, knot two, and a loud (insert your own curse word here). It was all in good fun, though.

2. My biggest big sister has a 10 month old siamese twin. No her 10 month old is not a siamese. She is attached to her mother's hip. Come on people, catch up! Between the feeding, the grunting, the crying, and the rolling over of toes in those baby pain facilitators (walkers) my biggest big sister still managed to make a.......scarf. (Her words were "neck belt," which, needless to say, I was rolling on the floor about."

3. My biggest big sister has five other little devils roaming around her house. (We tried to have the place blessed, and, to our shock and dismay, haha, those little devils came back with more of their friends. We try to live our lives around them, but it can be difficult. :)) Her big girl, Big A proceeded to question what it was we were doing. I, somewhere along the line, had pulled up YouTube to find a left handed crocheting tutorial. Not applying her usual wiz-kid ways, Big A asks, "Why does that say left handed crotch-et?" Again, I am pictured here rolling on the floor. Cue stomach cramping and tears. Crotch-et? Oh come on guys, that's funny!

4. My biggest big sister is a bull. No, I don't mean like a real bull. She refuses to start over. Her...scarf...was very tight in the first row. Though she wasn't even done with her first row, and it would have been very easy to start over, she blatantly refused! She continued to crochet just like that, and upon her second row, she said to me, "I see what you mean about not being able to get the hook back through." That was license for me to make fun of her the rest of the night.

When I left my biggest big sister's siamese devil circus, my SCARF looked like this:
Her scarf looked like this ~~'~~~'--'~~. Haha. I didn't get a picture of her scarf, but all I could tell her was, "You're killing me." After which she would say, "Whaaat?! Shut up." It was really an eventful day, and I learned a lot. The most important lesson I learned, though, was that I will not be waving any red capes around at my biggest big sister's house. ;)


  1. YOU ARE SOOOO DEAD! I should have known you would find yet another way to get to me!

  2. haha! I was waiting for this comment aaaaallll day yesterday. Then Big T told me you said your neck belt was 2 inches thick now. ;) It's all in good fun. Love you!!!

  3. I love it! That sounds like the best time. What's more fun than laughing at and with each other?