Saturday, February 7, 2009


Today is absolutely gorgeous outside in my neck of the woods! The skies are blue. The breeze is blowing, and it somewhere close to 50 degrees. I hope to have some time to bask in its wonderfulness. On another note, I joined the gym yesterday! I am going for my first work out today, and I am sooo excited! I have high hopes that I will stay excited about working out, especially because I have a 24 hour key and can work out alone in the middle of the night if I ever felt so driven. haha!

Anyway, today, I am thinking of venturing back into the art of crochet for a bit, seeing as how the next charity project I am involved in is not happening this month but next month. I have a little time to play with my other toys. ;) I've started a new scarf, pink and brown, and I love how the lines look. It has been too long since I have seen some straight lines. :) Have a great weekend, everyone!

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