Friday, February 27, 2009

Caffeinated Water

Soo... Last night, I was having a serious bout of caffeine crazies. However, after a little train of thought went chugging through my brain, I realized I had had no coffee or soda at all. (No! Saying soda is not creepy, so leave me alone!) I did have three bottles of water yesterday... I have now come to the conclusion that the government is caffeinating our water! I was alright yesterday, for the most part. I had a few moments where my head turned all the way around on my body, but that was really no big deal, only slight discomfort. It was actually oddly comforting. Anyway, it wasn't until I got home from work that I really started to struggle. The antsiness took over me, and I started to really flip out.

I was sitting on one couch and Big T was sitting on the other. Every so often, I would flinch and go crazy eyed in his direction. After a few hours of this behavior, I took a shower and attempted to go to bed. Big T is supposed to be working overtime now because his job laid off a massive amount of people and they still want the same production. Whatever! It works for us. Again, ANYWAY, he is supposed to be getting plenty of rest, but of course, the old RLS (restless leg syndrome) kicked in. No! I don't really believe this is a syndrome that I have. I don't know if I believe in the syndrome period, but my legs were just jumping and kicking. They wanted me to run. So, instead, I talked. I talked and talked and talked. I talked about RLS and government caffeinated water and finally, Big T tells me I have RMS (Restless Mouth Syndrome!). How dare he!

From there, he just complained about needing his sleep. I mean, come on. All I wanted was a simple companion to share alittle of my crazy juice, and he wouldn't have it. We are supposed to be soul mates. We are supposed to be getting married! So, when he refused to hear me anymore, and rolled over, I told him I wanted a divorce! He just laughed and laughed and then reminded me we weren't even married yet. Then I made my sad puppy dog face, and he said that trick wouldn't work anymore now that we are getting married. Well! What the hell else can I do to make him do what I want? Hmmm...I have some ideas. However, when I suggested those ideas, he just said, "Ok." Well fine! If he thinks he is going to win that game...We'll just see.

hahahahahaha And the crazy lady sagas continue!

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