Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby Accessories

I looove these booties! I recently learned how to make slipper socks on my knitting looms, so I altered the pattern a little and made baby booties on a 4" loom. They looked more like mittens when I was done with them because the heel was not very defined. I have a box of ribbons for my scrapbooking, so I went searching through this said box. I found the cutest green ribbon to weave through the booties around the heel. The picture is one of the two that I got to snap, and it doesn't show the bows very well. I was sooo late for the baby shower, arriving about 45 minutes late, but she loved the fact that they were handmade. I can't wait to make more for someone else's baby.

Super Bowl Sunday was yesterday, as most of American society is well aware. I brought veggies and puppy chow to my sister's house. This snack is one of my absolute favorites! To make a batch for around 25 people you use:
1 cup of peanut butter
1/2 cup of butter
2 cups of chocolate chips
18 cups of Chex squares
lots of powdered sugar ;)
You will melt the peanut butter, butter, and chocolate chips in the microwave for one minute. Stir the three ingredients until they are thoroughly mixed. Then, you pour the chocolate mix over the Chex squares and mix it around until all squares are coated. The final step is easiest if you have a paper bag or a few gallon zip baggies. You pour the chocolatey chex into the bag and dump powdered sugar on top. Then zip the bag shut and shake the bag until the Chex are covered in powdered sugar.
It is a simple, wonderfully yummy snack that children and adults will love! Enjoy!

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  1. Oh that's a yummy snack! We call them muddy buddies though.

    And those booties are AWESOME! I would totally love to learn to make those. Cute hat too! I would have loved them for a baby of mine too. :)