Saturday, January 31, 2009


At my job, we pride ourselves on going out of our way for our customers, really showing them that they matter, but there are some boundaries one simply cannot cross. What you are about to read is a conversation, rather humorous, that I held with one of the Ethanol Plant workers as we cashed their pay checks yesterday afternoon.

Ethanolee: I didn't see you last week. I thought you left for the weekend. I would like to see you everyday.

Me: *hesitation* Every day...You would like to see me every day?

Ethanolee: Yeah, I want to see you every day...*pause* *check cashing going on* Do you have to work tomorrow?

Me: *weirded out* Yes, I have to work tomorrow.

Ethanolee: So, do you need something to do tomorrow night?

Me: Uummm... Nooo...I will be doing homework tomorrow night. I'm a college student.

Ethanolee: Oooh...A college student? *suddenly more interested* *pause* So, you live in...*hands open wide to signify the bank?*

Me: The area? Yes, I live in the area.

Ethanolee: So you are from this town?

Me: Yes, I live in this town...

Ethanolee: Oh, good. So will you give me your phone number?

Me: *no words* *face turning red* *fifteen other ethanol plant workers behind this guy* *I shake my head to signify no* *all other ethanolees laugh at this guy*

Ethanolee: Damn! *not meanly, just a signal of defeat*

*Ethanolee turns around to speak Spanish to his buddies in line and not two minutes later turns around to talk to me again.*

Ethanolee: So you said 217-what?

Me: *laughing at this point* I didn't say anything. I'm not giving you my number.

My Boss: What are you doing over here?

Me: *still laughing* Nothing.

My Boss: Well, we've already had Pedro, so we're good.

*Pedro was the first guy to ask me for my number and proceeded to make hints that he wanted me to call him. He finally gave sad, but I think he has moved on to the new teller. ;) She already stole one of the other girls' "special guys." I will gladly let her have a few of these, too*

Me: Uuummm...Maybe not so much.

*we both laugh at this point*

*I give ethanolee his money*

Ethanolee: Thank you, baby.

*Me more red than the million stop signs in our tiny town*

Me: *laughing* Have a nice weekend.

You have to admit it is hilarious. Let me add that this particular Ethanolee is not one of those tall, dark and handsome Latin Americans. He is a short, middle ager that is kind of round. I get a kick out of these guys, but it's all in good fun. Next time, I am going to give him a number, though. That number is going to be the number of Big T. We have already talked it over, and if one of the guys actually has the guts to call, I am dying to hear their reaction when they hear Big T's voice on the other line. ;)

Remember to laugh at yourself once in awhile.


  1. You handled that very well. I know working with the public can be trying at times just remember to always have the humor that helps SOOO Much! And tell Big T to keep his head he doesn't need to end up in jail over some jerk!!!!

  2. that's a funny story, alright!

  3. That is funny! I don't need any more men driving me crazy than the one who already has the right to do so!!! I am glad it was you and not me!