Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Catnip Fever!

On my lunch break today, I went home as I normally do. When you live in a small town, you can do that kind of thing. Anyway, I had put fresh cat nip out on a plate for my cat to play with when I left this morning, and when I got home, she hadn't really played with it. When I started making my sandwich for lunch, it was as if she just realized it was there. All of a sudden, she was sniffing it, eating it, and, here's the best part, ROLLING in it! It was so hilarious. She was just basking in the glory of all that was catnip. Don't fret, though, because I have taken pictures!

You can see the flakes are all over her, and she absolutely loved it. Of course, then she felt the need to be even more persistently loving than normal, and I was trying to make some more granny squares. I did manage to make two more squares in between bites and watching the inauguration. My sister had suggested using pink and white with the other colors I was already using to make an afghan out of. Here is what they look like together.

The pink and white square is made out of cotton and the multicolored square is made out of acrylic, so they will be different textures. I am thinking baby blanket, though. I know a girl who is having a baby, and she won't find out until February what it is. If it does end up being a girl, I could give it to her. I could also give it as a gift to Big T's mom, as suggested by my sister. My other idea is that I would keep it because it would be the first afghan I had ever made. Please leave me your ideas and comments about if you would like a blanket that had these two color schemes and how you would feel about the different textures. I honestly don't think it would take too terribly long to make. If I plug away at it for the next month or so, it may be done by the middle of February because the squares are relatively quick to make.

The inauguration is proving to be emotional, too. In the beginning, I did not support Obama, and I have not had a chance to hear his speech. I am hoping to catch on YouTube tonight or tonight's news. Now, especially after today's luncheon, I am starting to see the heart in this man. I am especially appreciative that he wants to make it easier for kids to stay in college. It can be very difficult to support ourselves, those of us living away from home while going to school. I know I had to switch to part time, not for financial reasons, but because I was overwhelmed working and going to school as well as trying to see my family and live a life. This part time schedule is really working out very well for me. It has only been one week, but I have my passion back for it again. I am getting the homework done during the week and days before the deadlines instead of minutes before the deadlines. I can't understand why I never switched to part time before now. You live and learn, though.

Anyway, I am very excited and nervous as we go forth into this new presidency. I want Obama to stick to all his promises as I'm sure all Americans do, but I understand how difficult his presidency is going to be, at least in the beginning. He has a huge mess to clean up, and he is taking responsibility for this mess now. I just hope the American people can remain un-judgemental and compassionate as he begins his work on the clean up project.

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