Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Soooo Tiiiirrreed...

I am so tired today. I am still not completely used to the new appartment and all it's creaks in the night. I'm also not used to having my cat in the house again and all of her creaks in the night. Big T is back to work this week after Christmas break, and I'm not quite used to the alarm at 4, 5, or 6 in the morning depending on when he decides to stop setting new alarms and go to work! I am still hoping that my life is at the end of this tunnel, but it is slowly falling back into place. I just want to be able to sleep again, for a full night, though I'm sure Momma B is thinking she wants to gouge my eyes out for complaining about my six full hours of sleep. ;)

I can't wait for my day off on Thursday, though it is already packed. I have to go get my new books for this semester, clean my bedroom, see my friend (which isn't an obligation thing, more an "I want to." thing haha) and run some errands around the big city. Then it's back to work on Friday and Saturday. I really hope I can get with my sister this weekend (hint, hint) sometime outside of birthday parties and Sunday school to make some more hats, especially since I won't see much of her this week.

School starts back up on Monday next week, and I am taking three online classes. If any of you would be so wonderful as to sort of keep tabs on how that's going, I would so appreciate it. I tend to get burned out on school within the first three to four weeks because I am a serious procrastinator. This semester, I have gained an understanding that each class needs three hours minimum during the week to complete all my tasks in an orderly fashion. Since I am taking three classes, I need an nine hour minimum to actually work on homework, and since I am getting ten credit hours, I should probably be putting something close to ten hours in each week for class work. That's really not asking so much. I usually have two days off work a week, excluding Sundays because I really don't want to be doing homework on my relaxing/family days. I think if I work on classwork for about three hours on each day I have off work, then I will only have to work on classwork an hour to an hour and a half on the evenings after I get off work. This system should keep me from being overwhelmed and from feeling like I never get to leave my house. Let's all hope so anyway! I'd appreciate any suggestions on keeping my head on straight. :)

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. You have a plan. Now, you just have to set it in motion! Keep your goal in mind and you should be fine!

  2. Hey when ya manage to keep your head on straight let me know how ya did it. I have been trying for 30 some years ( really more but don't want to get into my age thing) Love ya good luck