Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bracelets as Far as the Eye Can See...

No! I am not avoiding my homework! How dare you say that! If I were avoiding my homework, would I have my book open right next to me on this couch with my notebook sitting right next to it with three lines of notes written on it since around 9 am today? How about the bag of bracelets at the end of the couch? If I were avoiding my homework, don't you think I would have just snapped about 15 pictures of all those bracelets? Oh.....wait.....maybe I just....Ok! Shut up! I am avoiding my homework, but that is only because I am just soooo excited about selling bracelets tonight! I can't wait! My sister (Momma B), her young daughter A, and our friend Keekee have been making bracelets for a week or two and have made at least 13o bracelets! We are selling them at a girl's basketball game tonight for breast cancer reasearch, and we really hope to raise a minimum of $400. I think we can do this, and I am also really excited to hear the feedback of people about our bracelets.
At the beginning of this process, I really could not get into it, but then, my trusty older sister so wisely noted, "You have boobs! You should care about this!" ;) She is grrrrreat! Ha! Anyway, after I got started, I just felt more and more happy about it. I am very sad that I don't have my Mommy around anymore, but it seriously makes me so absolutely elated to know that I am helping to save someone else's Mommy, even if that person is a 40 year old woman losing her 65 year old mom. No one should have to lose their Mommy to cancer, or anyone they know to cancer. Cancer Sucks!! I'll be the first to tell you that, but channelling that hatred into creative energy to make masses of bracelets is making me so happy. I know my mom would love the bracelets, though she would say she was never going to wear it so there was no point to pay for it. Debbie Downer! Haha, I can say that now, Mom, and you can't come get me! I did dream that my apartment was haunted by six demons and the sweetest little girl last night. I had to save her by getting all the demons out. It was very scary....Anyway! I know you are all dying to see some of these pics, so here they are!

I personally love the bangles. They are not true bangles because they have ends instead of being a continuous circle, but they are so fun! I can't wait to get selling! Wish us luck, and take time to remember all the happy moments with your lost loved ones. I know it hurts, but just remember how happy and healthy they are now! Imagine your loved one with the brightest smile you have ever seen, and that is how they are looking every day now. They love you even more for letting them leave this world and go on to something so much better than we can even imagine. :)


  1. Whew! Maked me soooo happy and then maked me want to cry! I find it absolutely insane that you are doing everything and anything to avoid the school work though! Very nice! SNOT FACE!!!

    I am thinking that we will drop Z off at the middle school and then I will ask to be dropped off at the high school right after, so close to 5:45 would be my guess. That should be enough time to get stuff set up?

    Keep working on that UNstudying!

  2. Wow you guys have been busy! They are gorgeous!!! If I can get Big D to let me stop a second I will be by to buy some. I already know which I hope to see you guys! good luck tonight. You all did a wonderful thing and for a horrible illness so it wont hurt other families! Thats something to be proud of! Dont you think you might need to get studying soon?? :O)

  3. You all did a great job. Good luck and hope you sell all of them and get orders for the cause!!!! So proud of you both how you are doing something so wonderful for something so horrible! Love ya Dont forget your homework!!!!!LOL

  4. The bracelets are beautiful! Hey - this was a very entertaining post. I love that you are able to laugh about your mom being debbie downer. It's weird, but on wednesday we were teasing my mom about what we might put on her headstone. creepy? maybe, a little. but ... you do what you have to, huh?

    and - though I didn't know your mom, i bet she'd be happy you can joke a little too. i'm sure she would want that - the happiness.