Monday, January 19, 2009

My Knitting/Crocheting (Mis) Advnetures ;-)

Recently, I have tried my hand at crocheting and knitting. In the past three months, I have been crocheting and knitting a lot of things. By knitting, though, I mean knitting with looms because knitting with needles drives me mad. I had learned to crochet about five or six years ago and had given it up when all my stress started coming out in my scarf. Yep, that's right, I had only tried one scarf before giving up. It was so tightly bound, and I couldn't keep the edges straight. I still have that scarf, too, in all it's unfinished glory. Anyway, back to the main event here. I realized that I have not posted many pictures to include you all in the process of my learning.I have been trying my hand at crocheted socks, which would be very nice if I would stick with it. After purchasing my knitting looms and having my sister teach me the right way to use them, I started making masses of hats, baby hats and big people hats, mostly. Even more recently, my grandma gave me this little metal set of square looms to make granny squares on. After a few fatal attempts, and again, my sister showing me how to use them the right way, I have learned that two heads are always better than one when learning a new skill, at least in my case. I have also learned, I cannot read directions to save my life, especially directions with pictures. Somehow, when the picture does not coincide with what I have imagined in my head, I don't admit that what I am envisioning is wrong. I just try it my own way, which is where I get into doing things incorrectly and being frustrated. Anyway, here is a sample of some of my most recent work.
This sock is on my two-year-old nieces foot. The lighting is bad, but the sock is adorable. I can't help but be proud of making an actual piece of clothing. :)This is one of the handful of baby hats I have made. I am using non-traditional colors because I think that is what I would want if someone made me a had to give to my baby. This is a picture of me in the hat I made for myself. It has a beautiful green baby soft yarn in it and a lilac eyelash yarn. It is very warm and fuzzy, and the best part is that my sister bought me those yarns for my birthday, with the help of my niece.This is where things start to get humorous. At least I can laugh at myself. This here is my first attempt at making granny squares. This is also the place it becomes obvious I am directionally challenged. ;-) When I showed this garbled mess to Big T, he had that silent, pondering look about him. He wasn't even sure what to say. What he did say was, "I think it looks good and will look even better with more practice." He's a good man. :)Now, this is what I am considering my real first granny square. After watching my sister make her first square last night, (she could read the directions right) I took note of how I should go about another square. Excuse me for boasting, but I think this square is so cute! Thanks, Grandma. ;-)
I hope you have all found some joy in my blog. Don't forget to try new things in life and laugh at yourself when your first attempt is pure garbage.


  1. No matter what...they all look absolutely wonderful and perfect to me. I am still so impressed with your skills and abilities that no matter what you made it would be terrific!! Again dont are great! As for Mr T dissing your that is glutten for punshiment!! Well anyways happy belated b-day! I know you miss your mom and always will but I know she was with you on you b day as always! She definatley has some girls to be proud of!!

  2. Love, love, love the sock! Great hats too. And wow! I've never seen a granny square quite like that before. I like it a lot.