Friday, January 23, 2009

This is my latest endeavor. I have learned to make slipper socks on my baby hat loom. I call it that, but it's just the smallest loom in the set. My sister suggested using the 4" loom for kids slipper socks, so I think I will try that. I had purchased a ton (!) of sock yarn to make socks for Christmas gifts only to find out that using sock yarn is way too time-consuming. The problem is, I bought the yarn about two months ago. I called the store, and they will let me exchange the yarn for other stuff in the store, which is what I wanted. However, if the yarn has been on sale in the past four weeks, which my sister warned me it may have been, I will only get to exchange my yarn for the sale price. Here's the kicker, though. I payed $5.00 a skein!! I am returning ten balls of yarn unless I can find more. That is $50.00 worth of yarn, and I will be very disappointed if I do not get the full $50.00 out of it. Also, on top of that minor setback, my devil cat got into my yarn and pulled out three or four of the sock yarn balls, ripped the label off them and tore them apart all over the living room. I took each ball and re-wrapped it by hand, but they are not quite as aesthetically pleasing as the machine wrapped skeins. I am so frustrated with my cat! It's not her fault because I left them in her reach, and cats are drawn to yarn.

Anyway, tonight is Friday night, and I will be staying home to work on homework because I really don't want to try to do it this weekend. I decided to just stick with two classes instead of adding a third. The third class I was going to take had a bunch of labs, a moon watching project, a assignment that had us going to the planetarium, along with the regular reading, discussions, and homework. On top of that, it was a self paced class. There were no specific deadlines except to have a certain amount of work done by midterm and have it all done by the end of the semester. I can't handle classes like that because I can't make my own schedule. I have a hard enough time keeping track of my own life without adding another schedule into it. Two classes is good for now. I can focus on them with all the energy they require without feeling burned out or like I didn't get to live my life.

I am very tired right now. Our bank stays open until 6 on Fridays, but the lobby closes at 5. I'm here for an hour by myself, and it is really a kill joy. It is taking away my energy to get my homework done, but I just have to keep reminding myself that I am going out to enjoy the day with Big T tomorrow. We are going to the "city," going to Hobby Lobby to exchange that yarn and wander, then going to the book store to check out a new book we are going to read together. It's called "Love as a Way of Life: The Seven Languages of Love." It was recommended to me by a friend, and apparently it is going to teach us about each other's personalities and teach us how to better serve each other's personalities. I'm really looking forward to getting inside Big T's head and learning about why he does the things he does. Hopefully it will help me to not be so short tempered with him, and hopefully, he will learn that my fuse is short. ;-) We are also going to watch the movie Fireproof tomorrow night as suggested by another friend. We are going through some relationship building right now because we have had a rough time of it since we moved to the new appartment. We have just argued and not spent any quality time together, and I'm ready to nip that in the bud before it gets out of hand.

I hope all is well and creative in your homes! Have a good night!


  1. the slipper looks great! good luck tomorrow. :)

  2. i wish you the best!!! all relationships have their issues but the dedication you are both showing is wonderful. trust me we have been through it all and i would do it all again to be where we are now. good luck and enjoy each other completely today -laugh it up and forget about everything but each other :)

  3. Hey what happened to that little redhead that would tag along with her Mom and me. You were suppose to stay a little girl, now you are a grown up women. I am proud of you! Miss ya!