Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Blog Friend's Etsy Ventures!

Ok everyone, I know we are all capable of making someone feel loved through this blog-o-sphere. I have felt and witnessed many people banding together as one for many different reasons. So today, I would like us all to band together for a fun reason! My friend Marcia runs the blog Ant Knit here on blogger, as well as a few others that you can find on her blog. In the past months as I have gotten to know her just through the blog world, I have seen her great talent in knitting and crochet, and I have also been witness to her big heart. She is a very charitable lady, and if you recall, when my sister over at My Crazy Kids!! and I were participating in a charity event of our own, making up over 100 winter hats for a local children's home, Marcia actually made up some hats for us and mailed them from halfway across the country, simply out of the kindness of her heart. She really is great lady, and I'm glad to have met her.
Therefore, I would like to help her out a little bit. Marcia has joined the forces on Etsy and started her own shop. She doesn't know I'm posting this right now, but I would really love it if you would check out her blog, leave her a little love tap, and also head over to her store and she what she has to offer. I am personally in love with the Sherbet Water Bottle Sling! So, lets all band together for something fun and give a little love to Marcia over at her store Girlmama, crocheting the days away...
Have fun! Congratulations Marcia and started a new venture in life! :o)


  1. Don't you dare! I want the sherbet water sling! I am just trying to decide if it will work for a large water bottle like the reusable one I have! Don't make me hurt you Little Sister!

  2. Thank you so much! I've loved making the little toys especially. they delight me to no end.