Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh my, Oh my.

Do you still recognize me? I hope so! It seems I have been on quite a long hiatus from this blog world, and it makes me very sad not to be able to read the daily ramblings of all my blogger friends!!

Life is all right at the moment. Big T is back to work, so that is truly fantastic! I know he doesn't love the job, and I feel bad that he has to work somewhere he doesn't love. I am glad to be able to pay our bills, though. I haven't really been in panic mode, but I sure do feel panicky. I feel scared that we won't have enough. I feel frustrated that God is testing me constantly. I feel mad at myself for being mad at God. I have to be honest with myself and God, though.

Beyond that, my new job is going so well. I am a receptionist/assistant/cleaning lady/babysitter/marketing/whatever needs to be done! :) I am always busy. And just to clarify, I am not really a babysitter. However, when a patient comes in and brings their children, their children have to wait in the waiting room. I have only had this happen once, so far, but it is an area that I am not entirely comfortable with because I don't want to have to keep someones children in line. I am just going to pray I don't have to deal with many unruly children. :oS

The people I work for are truly great, though. The doctor is funny and a little off kilter sometimes. ;o) That last comment was just in case he is ever reading this some day. His wife, the business manager and my other boss is so bright and easy to be around. She is actually really supportive, as is her husband, of my business endeavors. She is going to be buying a blanket from me that I am really excited about making. It is full of bright colors. She specifically said, "The brighter the better!" She really enjoys the eclectic crafts and gifts, and she adds a splash of color wherever she is. Its nice to be around.

These colors below are the colors I chose for her blanket. She had said to me, "You know the colors in a marker box? Make the blanket like that." So, I did just that. I imagined being a child again opening up a crisp new box of markers, and I envisioned all the lovely bright colors. Thus, my shopping basket below.

She put these flowers in the office, and that is how I knew she was going to be easy to get along with. ;o) We have similar tastes, and I feel as though I am going to be encouraged to truly be myself in this job. It is a perfect place for me, especially as I continue on my journey to find out who I am and what I stand for. It has certainly been quite a journey already.

When my boss was trying to describe what colors she would like the blanket to be, she pointed to these flowers and said to mimic some of these, so of course, I snapped a picture and carried it along with me. Isn't it awesome?

This next picture is of the newest item for sale in my store. It is so warm and cozy, and I'm in love with it. When I have my own little ones, I may just make a replica. I love the pastel rainbow affect it is taking, and the border adds just enough frill to make it perfect for any little girl.

The blanket ended up being about crib length, which is fantastic. I had to do a little frogging and re-working to make it work up to the right size, but as you can tell, it finished up quite nicely, and in only about a day and a half if you don't count the original start that I ripped out and re-started.

Our holiday weekend, Independence Day here in the States, ended up being really fun and relaxing. We got to see two sets of fireworks on both Saturday and Sunday nights. On Saturday, I woke up late after having been awake for hours on Friday. Friday was my first day working the morning shift at the chiropractors office, and it really wasn't too bad, especially since I was out of the office by 12pm. I got a jump start to my weekend!

We spent almost the entire day, excluding the morning, with my older brother. Hanging out with him seems to be most always rewarding because he is so loving. He loves to give hugs and tell you how much he loves you. He is great at doling out compliments. He is always smiley. He's really a teddy bear. He's funny, loves to tell jokes and be the center of attention, and he sings wonderfully. Each time we get together, he lets me listen in to some of his newest lyrical creations. He still has big dreams of making it as a singer some day. I wish him the best. I know he could do it vocally, but it is a lot of time and effort. Its a hard lifestyle.

We made it home late on Saturday, and slept in together, Big T and I, on Sunday. Around noon, we headed off to his parents house where we spent the day. For part of the day, we headed to our small town close by that hosts Fourth of July festivities. They had been postponed due to rain the previous day, so we met up with some friends, caught up with a few others, and stopped at a little Corner Store before heading back to Big T's parents' house.

I love that little corner store. They sell candies like they might have back in the pilgrim days. They sell coffee and tea and all kinds of novelty gifts. It just has a very homey, cozy feel to it.

In that shop, I got this wonderful little tea steeper. I have had my eye on them for awhile now. With the extra push of my employers, I am trying green tea more often now. My basic knowledge of green tea's benefits include that Green Tea has loads of anti-oxidants, especially if you purchase the pomegranate black berry green tea like I did this weekend. The anti-oxidants fight free radicals in your body. Free radicals are very bad. They go through your body destroying your cells, which one could assume is not OK. Your destroyed cells then become much more prone to disease, namely Cancer. Destroyed cells can no longer fight off disease, so it grows quicker. Therefore, we should all be drinking Green Tea and eating berries on a regular basis! :) *Hint, Hint*

This little tea steeper holds 8 6-oz cups of water. All I have to do is put the water in my tea kettle and spoon four teaspoons (about one teaspoon for every 2 6-oz cups of water) of loose leaf tea into the filter. When the water in my tea kettle gets to a point just before boiling, I pull it off the heat and pour it directly over the tea leaves. I then let it "steep" for about 4 minutes before I drink it.

Let me tell you, it is a little piece of Heaven knowing I am helping to prevent disease in my body while having a nice hot or iced drink.

I do hope you have all gotten your fill of me before possibly another hiatus! I enjoyed catching up...

But wait!! There's more!!

I am hosting my very first give away. I am going to post this separately, though, so all your bleeding retinas can have a rest before moving on. I hope you are all as excited as I!!

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  1. Ok, I must say, THIS MADE MY BRAIN HURT! This is 7 posts in one Lady!

    I am glad your life seems to be in balance! I am feeling a LOT unbalanced as of late. I hope that changes soon!

    I still love the blanket! I love the idea of the blanket made of brights too! It will be really pretty when it is all done! Some day, I might get adventurous and try something like that, but for now...