Friday, July 17, 2009

This quilt is screaming my name!

I have to have this wonderful quilt! I mean...the only problem is that...its a kit...and its not assembled yet...and I don't like sewing...but its perfect for me!! I know people who sew! I could pay them to sew it for me!! Please, please, please enter to win this quilt kit and say that you heard about it from me so I can have more entries. Please!! I am not below begging. It matches my bedroom so well, and I have had the same blankets, the same Wal-Mart blankets....well only for like 3 years, but still, it matches perfectly. It would be a fantastic accessory to my blanket, and can't you just imagine me, sitting in bed, knitting or crocheting away, knitting or crocheting something for a give away if you help me this one, with this lovely quilt covering up my legs?

So, run over to Kati Cupcake and check out the giant picture of this quilt and enter to win it. Good luck!!

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