Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Brand New Caaaar...(Do it in that annoying game show host voice!)

Oh yeah! Look who is drvin' a sweet new ride!! Take a gander at my amazing, beautiful, lovely 1991 Buick Park Avenue. It is carrying a V6 engine, 3800, which should be practically indispensable, but I'm knocking on wood anyway, I mean if I really knocked on wood. haha!
My fiance's dad was able to talk the owner's down to $300.00! It needed a new fender, on the front left side. It needed a new light socket on the front left as well. They thought it needed a new alternator, but so far, it doesn't. The left driver's side window works when it wants. The radio is shotty sometimes. The trunk leaked really badly just from one little spot, but my fiance's dad found that spot and is working to remedy it. It needed an oil change. It needed new gaskets because it was leaking oil. His dad also found that it was leaking trans axle fluid and is working to fix that as well.
Isn't it beautiful, though? It is freedom, and freedom is beautiful!
As you can tell, my fiance's dad has been putting loads of work into this car all by himself because neither I nor my fiance know much about cars or how to fix them. I honestly think I know more than my fiance does because he just doesn't care about cars. That's right ladies...I got one that is not completely car obsessed, and I didn't even have to look outside of the country. I am beginning to think we may both have been born in the wrong century and the wrong country, though. haha We both just seem to fit oddly into our current time period and would love to live off the Irish soil.
Anyway, he's been doing all this work on his own basically out of the goodness of his heart. We supply the money, though technically the bank supplied the money, for all the parts, but we aren't paying mechanic prices for all of his services. Quite honestly, I just don't know how to thank him for all this. I don't want to just buy him pizza from a local pizza place like we normally do. I want to do something for him that shows we know how much he does for us, that we appreciate the hundreds and thousands of dollars he saves us by having so much car knowledge.
For some reason, my ticker just isn't ticking, though. What do you guys think? What should we do for this man, my future father-in-law, for all he does for us, to really show him how much we appreciate him? I will appreciate any ideas you have...though I may not be able to think of the proper way to thank you for them...ugh...Its ok, I'll just ask the other bloggers. haha

Yep. This is my new car. That is my future father-in law. Isn't life grand?

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  1. Not half bad! It looks a lot like 3DNP's car. Now, to get her up and running, right?! I hope that is sooner, rather than later!