Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Projects!

This weekend, I finally finished my new brights blanket. I really love it! My sister pointed out just how easy it would be to keep all the blankets we make, but we just don't have the space!

Also pictured above are the new awesome soap savers I made for me and Big T. Big T has started a blog, by the way! He's one of my followers, listed as jables1985, so check him out. I'm sure he is much different than you ever imagined.

Also, I finished up the leg warmers for my new friend in Ireland, Micki. I shipped them out today and can't wait for her to get them. I made up the patter myself. It can really only be used with super bulky yarn, though. If you'd like the pattern, just let me know. I'm happy to share, but I'm short on time here.

I had a great weekend. I spent time with all my wonderful lady friends, coming within inches of my life as I stared a semi straight in the face whilst my older, wiser sister took a left turn when it was in fact not her turn and also when I became so short of breath after a serious bout of laughter during another of our lengthy conversations about lady parts! We visited the mall and a few craft stores, made little to no actual purchases, and yet, we had a fantastic time together. I hope they are all ready for my bachelorette party in less than a month!!

Anyway, I hate to be so short with you, but for those of you attention challenged, this short post is a gift to you. You know who you are!!


  1. i tried to get his blog and it won't work, maybe it's me, but i have tried several ways to get it....i am very interested!! ur projects are awesome!!!

  2. My goodness, your projects are wonderful, and I love my warmers. Thanks so much, and I am totally excited!

  3. love the jabless reference! hilaroius!

    i got onto his blog just fine, by clicking BigT, maybe? not really sure, but it worked!

    how great does it feel to have cranked out so many things in one weekend, or week, rather? pretty darned good, right!?

    in case you have not had the chance to follow, Stellan got a break last night! i have been praying and praying for a break for him, them and everyone making decisions! i am glad God saw fit to answer so many prayers, even if it was just for a while!