Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Well, in my recent outburst of emotion, I have had a few new comers stop by. I am only sorry that their first impression of me was in my desperate cry for help. However, a very sweet lady actually made a purchase in my store. She bought my stitch markers!

I absolutely cannot tell you how ecstatic it makes me to know that people are looking into my store and actually liking things enough to buy them. This is truly a dream come true, a dream I truly was unsure would ever become a reality. I could honestly cry because I am so happy people have chosen to buy from me...ME! A year ago, I was just a beginner crocheter, not having a clue how I would ever use my new found skill...especially in the state I was in with uneven edges and sloppy stitches, and today, I am selling things that I have created with my own hands. It is such a wonderful feeling.

Thanks again for checking my store and following along in my blog. It feels so nice to have a support system of people who are so caring toward someone they haven't even met.