Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Do You Suppose?

If I asked God real nice like, do you suppose he would allow me to stop dreaming about things I don't want to dream about at night? Do you suppose there might be a list I could submit names of people I do not want to dream about and God will just put up a firewall in my brain or a spy ware program to keep them out? I think it is worth a shot...

In crafty news, I finished the turtle I was crocheting, and I attached a blankie to him. He is going to be a snuggle buddy for a little boy. The blankie only has nine rows of double crochet right now, but he is coming along so quickly. I can't tell you how excited I am about this little guy. Actually, he is not a little guy at all. He is a giant turtle, life size actually. He is so soft and fuzzy. My fiance thinks I should make one for him. HA! Do you think he has deep rooted issues in his early childhood years and that is what makes him regress there so often? I do literally mean so often, but I guess it is a quirk I love...sometimes...Sometimes it is a quirk I want to kick out of him.

I have put a hold on my own personal afghan, but I only have 1 and 1/2 more squares to make. Then I get to whip stitch them all together and put the border on them! It is going to be so pretty. It is also giving me tons of ideas about other stuff I want to crochet.

I do have a question, though. I need your opinions, and I need to spill my guts about what a jerk I have been my whole entire life! My Grandma's birthday is the 15th of this month. I got to thinking about it, and I don't believe I have ever gotten my Grandma anything for her birthday, let alone called to say "Happy Birthday, Grandma. I love you!" My whole life, my Grandma and I have not been very close, but I do feel sad for her. She is widowed now, and I live just a block away from her. Yet I rarely see her. She doesn't drive, either. So, I was thinking that for her birthday, I should go pick her and her little dog (Sammy) up and bring them back to my place, cook her a meal, and hang out with her. I would love to make her something, but I only have about a week to have something made. I do work the day of her birthday, but I am off work the day before. I could just pick her up and make a "day" of it on the 14th.

Now for all you other crafties out there, is there a quick simple project I could make my Grandma, whom is also a crocheter and has plenty of afghans? Also, is this something that Grandma's would like, having one of their grand kids come pick them up and cook for them?


  1. Spend time with you grandmother!

  2. Are you off on the 14th, or something?

    I know she told me she wants flowers. You know, potted flowers. She likes petunias. Of course, that is what I will do and I suppose you could too, if you want. I know that seems simple, but she specifically asked for flowers.

    The dinner would be nice. She would probably not last without Sammy though! That is usually the only reason she seems to want to go home!!!

    As for the dreams, when you find that program, let me know!

  3. Like momma b said if you find that program for dreams let me know too!!

    As for grandma....just to be with you would be great! Dinner with family is always nice! As for a gift...momma b said she likes flowers....as does my grandma! So the last couple years since her b day is in januray i get her a little something then but always get her a hanging basket of flowers later on...my grandmas like ferns. Big R now has them for $5 and they are in a hanging basket...and a sheppards hook couldnt be much more if she would want to hang it out her door! Just a thought!! What ever you decide she will love!!!