Friday, March 6, 2009

Books and Receptions

I just finished this book last night, and I have to say, for a first time writer, she was very good. At first, I bought the book because it was funny. A crochet-related murder mystery? How fantastic! It did turn out to be fantastic, too. This author spun a web of people that all could benefit from the victim's death. I have a very good knack for predicting books and movies, but I do have to say that I didn't have this one figured out until right before the main character figured it out. There were a few editorial mistakes throughout the book, that of course I had to pick up on, but overall, it was a fun, enjoyable, easy read. It was not gory, but it definitely had the air of mystery. Not to mention, it came with a free granny square washcloth pattern as well as a recipe for made from scratch bunt cake and butter cream icing! I can't wait to try all three out. The book was also relatively cheap because it is paper back and because she is a newer author.

Onto more wedding news, I cannot use the original location I had hoped to use for my reception. Being the control freak I am, it sent me into a momentary relapse of panic mode. However, I am beyond that now. I am still aggravated because I just want to set my date and move on with other planning. The church is set, but I can't move on with buying decorations or basically anything I need to do until I know where the reception will be, what size it will be, and what I need to supply. I hate waiting to have this stuff figured out!

As far as my actual reception is concerned, I want to have one, obviously. I want there to be a bar, but it won't be an open bar. I feel like people should have the opportunity to buy their own drinks if they don't want the soda that I supply. I also don't want to have to supply enough soda for lots of people to drink in a few hours. I want people to be able to bring their children if they choose. I want a traditional "first dance," and I want my big brother to sing for our first dance. I have already asked him to sing the song "Forever and Ever, Amen" as Randy Travis sang it. I heard that song when I was very little, and I always knew that I would play that song at my wedding for my first dance. I also want the cheesy dollar dance because I want to be able to interact with the people that choose to come to my reception. I want to decorate tables with a floating candle centerpiece and leaves. I want to have a fall theme, and I want it to be beautiful on a budget.

I don't want to just have cake after my wedding at the church. The ceremony itself is only about twenty minutes, and if we just had cake afterwards, it would be about forty minutes and be over. I just can't handle that idea. I want a celebration. I want to remember my wedding night for how fun and beautiful it was, not something that was just cheap and easy.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions or advice, I would love to read them. Thanks!


  1. What about the moose lodge in Gibson? THat is where we had our reception...plenty of room for dancing and such and they ahve a bar cause we didnt want an open bar, mom didnt want to pay for everyone to get drunk, so it was a cash bar. If you would like I would be glad to check into it for ya!!! It wasnt that expensive either...cant remember how much but I thought is was a steal i remember that much. It will all work out and be the bestest ever!! My friend two years ago did a fall wedding and we had the fall colors, floating candles with leaves (fake) all around them and mums as the flowers with wheat straw sticking out. All kinds of other things and it was beautiful...just like yours will be!! PERFECT!!! SEe you tonight!

  2. Hey, thanks for the advices you left on my blog (: Thank God, I did just fine and hopefully, I can get into the course that I want when they release the result next month (:

    I know nothing about wedding receptions, but I guess it'd be good it you could be less anxious about it.

    Granted, these little details are important, for they make or break your reception. However, they are just a means to an end, which is, for you to have great memories. After all, it is neither the cake nor the song that will linger on - it's the person with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life (:

    Have a blessed wedding! :D