Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

So, this past weekend had been very eventful for me. I got lost in a giant effing museum with my six-year-old nephew, and our bus was robbed. Nothing of mine was stolen, and I managed to see some amazing exhibits, though. The real event of the weekend was my itch for Spring Cleaning. Before I go on, I will share some photos of the museum with you, though. Giant robot spider. Kill it!!
A dead guy... I mean, an Egyptian Mummy.They had crochet hooks back then? Apparently this is a hunting tool...:o)

The ever popular Sue.

I obviously could not get by without scratching that spring cleaning itch, so I will now share with you my before and after pictures that I know have been patiently awaited by many of you. Who needs to have an entire television crew invade your household and tell you there is something wrong with you and throw out half of your things when you can do it all by yourself, with the same amount of embarrassment? Enjoy... :o)

I am finally done with the bedroom, and it definitely feels like home. You can guarantee I won't be reliving that nightmare again.I hope that this has suited your sick viewing pleasure. Creeps! ;o)


  1. I can only say one thing, because any more and I will be invoking all of the WTF feelings, so I leave you with this...


    And, I think what you meant to say was "an Egyptian dead guy!" Too damned funny! Hilarious, in fact!!!

  2. Good work on the spring cleaning but I could have seriously lived without seeing the dead guy. I have shivers now. EW! Was it real? Please tell me it wasn't real!!!