Sunday, March 1, 2009


I think I will welcome a few days off of work this week. I have had a much busier weekend than I have been used to in awhile. I went to southern Illinois on Saturday to visit my older brother. The trip was about a ten hour trip there and back, and we woke up at 4 am! Let me just say I was suffering a lot that day. I didn't get crap for sleep because I have yet another disorder. Whenever I know I have to get up really early, I get to anxious to sleep the night before. I am afraid I won't wake up, even though there are other people to wake me up, and I'm afraid of being an inconvenience to other people. Besides that, I was freezing in my sister's Tundra she calls a house. ;) I was suffering from being a woman. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I felt the cramping, and sure enough, I had to get up around 1:30 in the morning. Mind you, I had only just fallen asleep around 11 or 12 pm. Sometime after that, the dogs barked really loudly and woke me up, and after that, my alarm woke me up. I have never seen myself look more hellish. My hair was a matted mess and my eyes were absolutely blood shot. Not only did I get no sleep and have major hormone issues, but I suffer from car sickness! I tried to drink some Chi tea, but only got a few sips of it down. I had to keep turning the vent down to the cold setting, and when I tried to eat a few bites of my apple, my stomach literally churned and my mouth watered for a good thirty seconds. I really hate getting up early and being in a car. I don't even enjoy driving, but being a passenger is much worse. However, all complaints aside, seeing my brother's eyes light up at seeing my sister, her husband and I made the entire gross trip so worth it. I should have taped a MasterCard commercial, though. It might have gone something like this:

1. Early morning Chi tea and an apple: $6.00
2. Half the world's population of yarn and a few good books to keep you distracted: $70.00
3. Stopping to clean the car after you ralphed up your apple and Chi tea because you tried to use the yarn to distract yourself and got car sick: $20.00
4. The look on your brother's face as he sees you arrive with blood shot eyes, a pale, sullen face, and the aroma of misery: PRICELESS

Ok, ok. So I know it is a little wordy and dramatic, but the people live for drama.

Today, I went to Big T's parents' house for the first time since Christmas. No, they don't live miles away. No, I don't dislike them. No, they are not busy bees that are never home. Yes, I am a major slacker that has some serious selfish tendencies. :) His parents live about ten miles from us and stay home a lot. They are great people, and his mom is going to be the best mother-in-law. She is super understanding, loving, easy to talk to, and a wonderful, wise companion. His dad has lots of quirky stories about fixing engines and such, and I have to say that I love them. Oh, and I forgot to mention that his mom is probably the best baker I have ever met. I gave up chocolate for Lent (ironically I almost typed I gave up Lent for chocolate...subconscious?!). It has been slowly driving me mad, but the belief of my church is that Sundays are a celebration of Jesus dying for us and His Resurrection. So, today I was allowed chocolate, and she made some fantastic, made from scratch peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I only ate two, but her cookies are always about the size of my hand, so we're talking probably four or five normal sized cookies. Whatever! Get off my back. I already told you I was suffering from being a woman!

Anyway, I decided to make my brides maids' gifts, and I worked on that while at their house. My first project is turning out so adorable, but I am afraid it will be a few months before I can show pictures. My sister already knows what I am making, but she doesn't know what hers looks like, so I am trying realllllly hard to keep that a surprise. I shouldn't have done hers first! I just finished an exam, too. I will most likely get an 84% on it, which is a B. It's not bad, but it could have easily been an A. It is much better than my previous semester's work, though, so I am making some progress.

I am off to bed, now. I have been feeling like I have an ulcer since Friday, and I haven't even been eating food that was bad for me or drinking soda. It must be chocolate withdrawals. Dumb...;-) Have a wonderful rest, all of you!

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  1. I love the commercial! You should submit it! IF you make millions, I am pretty sure I have to be your agent, since I suggested that you submit it!

    I hope all of this womanliness is not going keep you from the gym tonight! HA!