Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Between this and my rampaging hormones, all I can really say right now is to please pray for this beautiful little boy and his family. His heart is beating out of control and has been for days now. The doctors are trying many things, and his family is trusting the word of God and leaning on his promises to get them through. They trust God's will, something I am still struggling to catch onto. They are an inspiration. Even in this terrible time for them, they are still trying to bring glory to God...Amazing...Awe Inspiring...

Please click on the link above to read about little Stellan and stay updated on how he is doing. If you cannot (emotionally) or choose not to, please, still keep them in your prayers. Pray strongly. Pray vehemently. Pray trustfully. Just don't stop praying.
Thank you.

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  1. I will pray for him and his family. I tell ya, I look at things differently now. the power of prayer and the power of God is amazing. I used to be soooooo worried all the time, now i pray and give it to God and know that he has a plan and i pray that he guides me according to his plan. i used to be so scared of death and dying and now i am not. it is really strange, but i seriously look at life very differently. i will also pray that your struggle will end and that you will catch the trust in God's will. hope you have an amazingly blessed day!!!