Friday, March 27, 2009

Feeling Better

Today, I really feel good. I feel happy and excited about life. I feel like myself again. I worked out last night even though I wanted nothing more than to sit alone in my house and crochet. HA! That doesn't make me sound like a spinster or anything. Then, after I picked Big T up from his friend's house (still sharing one vehicle) he opened the floor for me to have a GIANT rant about complete and utter uneducated morons running entire companies into the ground. The details of that rant are really unimportant, but yesterday, I was feeling so angry at the world. It was exactly what I needed. It was dark in the truck, but I am pretty sure Big T was laughing at me. He just let me rant. I wasn't ranting at him or about him, so I hope he didn't take it that way. I'll have to make sure he didn't today.

Tonight, on a Friday night, being the young, hip couple we are, we are going! haha It is an exciting life I lead. I am well aware of your jealousy, but I promise you, if you all work hard enough, you too can have this life. I know to some of you, this glamour might be a bit overwhelming at first, but I know, with a little faith, you will handle it.

Tomorrow, we are delivering all 160 hats! It is even supposed to snow here on Saturday night. How strange is that, that we have had all this nice spring weather, and here, on night of the day we deliver winter hats, it might snow again. A blessing in disguise? I think so. I have to ask that you all stand around the world and give my big sister a round of applause. Together, Big T and I only made about 35 hats. My sister single handedly made 46 or more hats! I am very impressed, and even toward the end when it started to feel like there was no end in sight, she had the patience to learn how to crochet hats! She really is something special. :)

I should also be getting the rest of my yarn in the mail for my afghan. I have 6 and 1/2 squares out of 12 done! It is so awesome, and I am learning so many stitches. Honestly, this is how I always do it. I always go big or go home. When I got my first tattoo, the only tattoo I have, I got a six inch tattoo on my back! It took four hours, and I bawled for the last two hours for emotional and physical reasons. I get bored with small things. After my first round of crocheting hats, I was inspired to start a new project. As soon as I saw this afghan, I loved it. It is modern and not old lady-ish at all! I love modern crocheting! I am truly addicted now, and there is no turning back. I can't wait to have pictures to show you all on here, but more than that, I can't wait to have it sitting on the back of my couch, a proud display of my unequivocal fearlessness of trying new things! :)

Today, I had my St. John's Wort, and 2 cups, yes, count them, 2 CUPS of coffee! I am feeling great! My buns are aching, though. That incline really worked my hips. ;o)


  1. You are a nutbag for sure! Thanks for the special comment, although I am not sure how I should take it! HA! Have a great time with your life of excitement! I know we enjoy ours!

  2. Hey, haha, thanks for the comment you left (: It sure shed some light on my circumstance and in the larger scheme of things, I realized that things aren't as bad as they may seem :D

    I'm so happy that you are able to lead the life of your choice. I mean, what else could be better than spending each moment with those whom you love? My family, thankfully, is supportive of whatever I am doing, too. The only stumbling block is, I guess, myself. I think I just need a little bit more time to sort my thoughts and yup, that's what I'm gonna give myself - more time :D

    Thanks for your prayer and again, enjoy each breathing moment of our days! :D :D :D