Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hats, hats, and more hats!!

I follow a blog called Ant Knit, and she has made hats that she calls Jaida's hats. They are her own creation, and I made an attempt at her creation. I absolutely love these hats! I hope she doesn't mind my trying them, but they are truly a fantastic creation.

Somehow, big surprise, I managed to mess up the first one and the top is tight. On the second one, it started to grow to monster proportions, so I had to drop about four rows. It is still awesome, and I swear at some point, I may actually be able to read a pattern and create something from it. ;o)

We are also still working on our hats for charity. I'm not sure what our count is right now, but we are getting down to the wire. Between Big T and I, we have 31 hats! I am so proud. This is what 29 hats looks like, 29 because the other two are still attached to the looms. :o)

This is also what Lucy, my cat, looks like when she feels the need to follow my every move. She may miss an opportunity for some attention of she didn't trip me while walking from room to room. I mean, she would never intentionally break my neck, but I know that when her food bowl is not filled promptly the moment she can see the bottom of the bowl, she is thinking about it.

Have a great, safe day! ;o)


  1. I LOVE that you made my hats!!! I'm so honored. Now I tend to get a death grip on yarn so it's possible that if you aren't trying to strain something your hat would turn out bigger than mine. I'm still not quite finished with my last one! ARG! I need to get these in the mail! I better do that now, finish the last one. Then I have to find my needle. Again. Ugh.

    And look at all of those wonderful hats you and T have made! You guys rock!

    My cat is annoying too. She has one of those bowls that has a compartment above to fill so you don't have to actually fill her bowl very often and when the bottom part runs low (not OUT, just low) rather than use her own paw to loosen the food above, she does that annoying meowing/tripping me trick that your kitty does. Lovely.

  2. You are funny! The cat looks like a mad-stalker! I should set my hats out, but I don't know about that???