Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A little bit of Understanding.

MckMamma says that Stellan is a miracle no matter what. Upon reading her thoughts about her beautiful little one, I did gain some understanding that I had been praying for. God has a plan. MckMamma said that she and her husband are very happy that God chose their son for his plan. That alone is an honor. She also thinks back to her time carrying Stellan inside her and how far she has come in her faith and understanding of how God works. That is another work of God. Even in all the unsteadiness she is experiencing, she continues to convince all of us that Stellan is a miracle no matter what, still convincing us that God should still be glorified in this situation.

I realize that Stellan is a miracle no matter what. He is teaching thousands about God. His story is reaching across the nation, from CA to NY. Stellan has led many to their knees, and he will lead many more to their knees. Because of MckMamma's attitude, people will not blame God whatever the outcome. They will seek the peace she exudes. People will be drawn to God through Stellan's story and his family.

MckMamma has continually tried to convince us that miracles do not always happen the way we think they will. I agree with MckMamma. No matter what the outcome, this entire situation is a miracle, drawing people like myself closer to God in hopes of understanding his plans for our own lives and gaining trust in Him.

Thank you, MckMamma for being the blessing you are. Thank you for your unwavering faith.

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