Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am going to fix my own craziness!

After what feels like numerous meltdowns recently, I have decided to try this herbal supplement. It is supposed to be something like an herbal supplement for depression medicine. I can't focus to save my life. My homework is piling up. Whenever I have spare time, the first thing I want to do is work on my crochet stuff instead of my homework, and I feel very impulsive and compulsive when it comes to what I want to do versus what I should do. Because of my lack of health insurance for the time being, I am going to give this a shot. I know others who take it and say it works wonders for them. I have tried it previously, but it says on the bottle to take it three times a day. I was only taking it once a day before.
So far today, I have been calm enough to make a "To Do..." list. On that list, I noted that I needed to pay the bills. Now, I am going to spill my guts here and possibly mortify myself, but my bills were two weeks late. Two weeks! Now, this is not so much an issue except for the fact that I actually had the money to pay them. The money was sitting in my checking account waiting to be doled out for the past two and a half weeks. However, I simply did not feel "up to" paying the bills. How ridiculous is that?! I even paid the late fees today when I managed to pay my electric bill, water bill, cable bill, shut off the cable and Internet, and transfer my car insurance to the truck that Big T and I are now sharing and also put his name on the insurance so he is covered when driving.
*Just a side note about my insurance company. My insurance agent was very sweet. Instead of giving us a new quote for insurance on the truck, she simply replaced the VIN of the car with the VIN of the truck. My rate isn't going to change at all even though they are now covering both of us and also covering an older, larger vehicle. Also, Big T has a few speeding tickets that haven't fallen off his record yet, and men are more expensive to insure. I, not being so apt to change, am very happy about this. :o)
Now, I know this could all be the placebo affect or it could be attributed to the fact that I am actually at work today instead of sitting at home, but those are all things that needed to be done for at least week or more. I have continuously put them off telling myself I would just get to it some other time, that I just couldn't do it today. I was also able to finish up the budgets for March, balance my checking account and balance my savings account this morning. I really do hope this emotional balance will stick around for awhile. Right now, I am actually feeling ready to do my homework.
P.S. To any of you other Ghost Hunter's fans out there, Ghost Hunter's International ended last week for the season, and Ghost Hunter's (the original) is premiering for a new season tonight!! You can guarantee that is enough incentive to get my class work done in time to watch it! I just can't wait. I haven't seen Jay and Grant hunt ghosts in months! Welcome back Jay and Grant. :)

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  1. All I have been hunting over the last few months is dirty socks and underwear! I wanted to watch it too, but did not get a chance! I got home late, because I had to stop at the store after the gym! UGH!