Friday, March 13, 2009


I am still not getting the counseling that many believe I should be (ha ha), but I did go to group grief counseling last night. As I told a friend this morning, grief counseling is not exactly something you walk away from saying, "Man that was fun! I can't wait until next time." However, it is a nice thing. For a moment in time, I was allowed to not feel so absolutely insane. It was very interesting to see how everyone goes through different stages and emotions at different times and how they deal with those emotions. One thing I can say I am still eternally grateful for is my family. Some families fall apart or separate after a death, but my family has been very supportive. We are even closer now than we were before our Mom died. None of us have very dependable fathers, so we have each other and Grandma. Somehow, between just the six of us, we manage to feel very large, and I believe that is because of the love we share.

On another note, I am going to the Field Museum in Chicago tomorrow. There is going to be a huge dinosaur skeleton, and I am so excited to be going! It is going to be a fantastic day, and since we will be walking around, I won't feel so bad about not making it to the gym. I just need to remember to eat healthy for lunch and not garbage just because I am out and about. I am probably going to work on some hats, too. I will try not to take more than 3-5 yarns! ha ha I won't go crazy. It is either hats or baby boy afghan on the looms. Either way, I'll be carrying a loom!

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  1. How many hats have you two completed? I know I just asked Monday, but I am trying to figure out how many more we still need. Time in closing in and I am getting nervous!